Enablement. Empowerment. Lifelong. Learn how we transform corporate learning from ‘one-time’ to ‘real-time’ and ‘all-the-time.’

The Right Knowledge at the Right Time.

The next frontier of corporate learning is on-demand knowledge delivery. Corporations are quickly understanding that stacking all training in an LMS at the beginning of an employee engagement is not the answer to knowledgeable, safe, and well-trained people.

LearningMate partners with corporations to build the infrastructure to allow employees to access knowledge and skills, on demand, throughout their career journeys.

Unlock the free flow ofKnowledge

From leveling up a skillset like coding, to helping a technician recall how to use a radiology machine, LearningMate helps corporations unlock the free flow of knowledge

Stephanie Sullivan, Associate Vice President, Corporate Learning Solutions

Workforce Learning Capabilities

AI Data & Analytics

Analytics and Insights Predictive Analytics Behavior Analytics - Using AI to Analyze Human Behavior Personalized Adaptive Learning

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AI-enabled Content Services

Course Outline, Course Content Development, and ReviewAnalyze existing course materials and academic standards to suggest course outlines, content, and multimedia resources and review content against standards. Assessment DevelopmentGenerate assessments in different...

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AI Application Services

Prompt EngineeringDesign prompts to help AI models generate better outputs. Model SelectionChoosing the right AI model for a given task. Model Optimization and Fine-tuningImproving the performance of an AI model by adjusting its parameters. Quality AssuranceEnsuring...

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AI Solution Design

Define MVP RoadMapDevelop a strategic roadmap for AI adoption in alignment with business goals. Define short-term and long-term AI implementation plans. Cloud Infrastructure Design Cloud platform and service selection Designing a high-performance computing cluster for...

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