Frost is a suite of integrated digital products that include a course designer, a learning object repository, content analytics, and standards management.

Your Digital Content Infrastructure.

Leveraging Frost’s digital content management technology will accelerate your digital transformation journey to support personalized, adaptive, modular, and competency-based learning models.

Frost Learning Object Repository (LOR).

Manage your content across all of your delivery channels – all in one place. Frost LOR allows you to easily break down content into small learning objects while tagging with rich metadata and aligning to taxonomies. The result? An efficient, seamless way to search and add your digital content to new or existing learning objects across numerous delivery channels, including LMSs, mobile apps, ebooks, and more.

Frost Course Designer.

Assemble and author course collections through an efficient project workflow. Frost gives you a set of tools to effectively curate, assemble, and create content with your team. Align your content to metadata taxonomies to efficiently search and browse all of your modular learning objects, or quickly import files and publish to industry-standard or custom formats in a matter of seconds. Take control of your versions in one place and manage permissions across multiple stakeholders.

Assign Roles & Set

Create and Reuse


Add Comments &
Flag Issues

Track & Monitor

Save & Control

Frost Content Analytics.

Track, analyze, and improve the efficacy of your content. How are students interacting with your content? Are they actually learning with the material? What delivery method works best? In short, is your content effective?

With Frost, you can track and gather insights on content usage. Using real-time content analytics, you will know exactly how students are interacting with your learning materials. Make data-driven decisions on the use of learning materials and the efficacy of learning experiences.

Frost Standards Manager.

Align your content to learning standards, competencies, and taxonomies to enable multiple, varied learning models.

Define curricular standards
Taxonomy & workflow management
IMS CASE support
Create, manage & provision pacing guides


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As the backbone of our authoring and management process, Frost has enabled us to quickly transition and strengthen our workflow to support next-generation learning by leveraging our existing content.

Ken Brooks

Frost Features

Learning Object Repository

Course Designer

Standards Manager

Content Analytics

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