Higher Education
Is Changing

We help higher education institutions architect and design cutting-edge learning models that increase efficiency and ROI.

Go Online Fast

LearningMate can help you rapidly transition to effective online and blended learning. Whether teaching students on or off-campus, we unify and empowers institutions with proven course frameworks, a learning outcomes manager, a learning object repository, and a collection of teaching and learning best practices.

Lifelong. Modular. Digital.

From the ability to efficiently re-configure and reuse content across multiple delivery platforms, to centrally managing learning data, to aligning curriculum to ever-changing workforce needs, higher education is increasingly facing issues of ROI and scalability of content. The current suite of tools that most universities use today are simply not up to the task. Designers spend countless person-hours on tedious tasks like fixing broken links, porting content from one LMS to another, and fixing errors in multiple learning objects spread across multiple delivery platforms, which all drives down ROI.


Free Your

Our Higher Education products and services establish the technical infrastructure to allow for free, cost-effective, and efficient flow of content and data through the entire digital ecosystem.

Higher Education Capabilities

Digital Content Authoring

Content Design, Development, and Authoring SolutionsOur content design, development, and authoring solutions are broadly classified into IBT/VCT, eLearning/mLearning, TTT, and Certification Process and Translation.    Our Cutting-Edge Techniques As leaders in...

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Instructional Design

Our experienced instructional designers can play the role of facilitator, researcher, and innovator while writing the content. Armed with a versatile skill set, they use the latest eLearning tools, technology, and software to design effective learning courses and...

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Curriculum Design & Course Development

Curriculum Design We are dedicated to solving your curriculum design challenges. From traditional online and hybrid learning models to competency-based education and micro-credentialing, our clients rely on LearningMate to drive student-centered outcomes and...

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Content Design & Development

LearningMate's instructional design experts work closely with clients to develop design specifications and storyboard eLearning. Our experts also create learning strategies focused on providing real-life scenarios, fostering experiential learning, and staying relevant...

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