AI Application Services

Annotate your textual, image, audio, and video data accurately to enhance your analytics journey.

Prompt Engineering
Design prompts to help AI models generate better outputs.

Model Selection
Choosing the right AI model for a given task.

Model Optimization and Fine-tuning
Improving the performance of an AI model by adjusting its parameters.

Quality Assurance
Ensuring that AI models meet their quality requirements.

Integrating AI development and operations into a single pipeline.

AI Infrastructure Management
Managing the hardware and software resources needed to support AI applications.

Applications Based on NLP
Building applications that use NLP to understand and generate human language. Develop custom chatbots or bots as a service (similar to conversational marketing ASSA platforms) that can answer student questions, provide support, or facilitate discussions.

Language Learning
Develop built-in assistants similar to Google Translate to assist language learners by providing speed recognition, language translation, and language tutoring capabilities.

EdTech Integration
Integrating AI into educational technology products and services using systems integration frameworks and services that partner with existing edtech platforms, learning management systems (LMS), and other solutions to enhance the overall learning experience.