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The JobReady platform provides in-demand skills training, industry certifications, and personalized career pathways.

JobReady is an on-demand, self-paced, integrated end-to-end learning platform for upskilling workers and job seekers, which provides access to thousands of job-aligned online courses through a single sign-on portal. See what the JobReady platform looks like in this short video.

JobReady Platform + Who We Serve

Our comprehensive approach integrates career readiness assessments, personalized development reports, and skills-based placements, complemented by stackable micro-credentials via Credly™.

Custom Career Paths

We offer a variety of custom programs and pathways to help job seekers and employees find the right path based on interests, skills, and goals.

Skill Development

We offer a variety of custom programs and pathways to help job seekers and employees find the right path based on interests, skills, and goals.


Ready-to-Work pathways help students prepare for success in their first job by teaching them how to work with a boss, work on teams, communicate effectively, and more.

Essential Skills

Essential Skills allows learners to master office and productivity tools and demonstrate these skills through a credential or even an industry certification.

Tech Skills

With JobReady’s Tech Skills pathways, those who aspire to a career in tech can progress along well-curated journeys from Skillsoft.

Professional Certification

JobReady’s Professional Certification pathways lead to industry certifications and credentials through carefully sequenced learning journeys.

Workforce Development

We partner with workforce development organizations to help train, certify, and connect job seekers with best-fit careers. Our best-in-class education platforms provide a streamlined, efficient experience that saves time and helps job seekers gain the skills that lead to industry certifications and lasting employment.

Higher Education

Our Skills-as-a-Service program, JobReady, enables you to rapidly expand your offering of high-quality on-demand courses to support adult and continuing education and workforce programs, as well as add career credentials to your existing credit-bearing courses.

Career & Technical Education

Career on-ramps for Employment (CORE) offerings enable high school and alternative pathway students to gain in-demand skills and credentials they can share with employers and colleges.

K-12 Education

JobReady partners with K-12 organizations to ensure student career readiness by seamlessly integrating industry certification coursework aligned to state standards into the daily student schedule. We provide tools to assign courses and assessments and access insightful student data that tracks progress, enabling students to build a personalized career pathway.


JobReady supports end-to-end upskilling. From assessing skills and identifying gaps to delivering learning pathways and credentials, JobReady enables employers to build a workforce with the skills they need for today and tomorrow.

The right job, at the right pay, at the right time.

JobReady offers accessible, engaging, web-based, high-quality courses that are affordable, empowering participants in their career choices.

Career Readiness Assessment


Assesses cognitive skills, abilities, personality traits, job knowledge, and competencies. Identifies the jobs where candidates will thrive. Links to training and skills programs based on gaps.

Personalized Development Report

Following the career readiness assessment, a personalized development report is generated, showing the student’s strengths, capabilities, and development needs. It also develops personalized training paths to guide participants in quickly developing the right capabilities.

Laptop showing JobReady's back-to-work platform for San Antonio

Skills-Based Placement

A targeted occupations list informs staffing and training needs from employers. Results of the assessments will be collected and broken down under various occupational matches, allowing for additional support and alignment to in-demand occupations in your area.

Curated Customized Pathways

These pathways align with participant needs and address a wide range of skill levels.

Stackable Micro-credentials

Participants will earn stackable micro-credentials and digital badges at every step of their journey. Credly is the most highly recognized agency for digital badges. Participants earn badges for completing each module.

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Learn about the key features and user experience for K-12 firsthand.

Watch a recorded JobReady for K-12 product demo to learn more about key features and experience the user experience firsthand.

Check out our product demo for JobReady for Workforce.

Watch a recorded JobReady for Workforce product demo to learn how JobReady enables targeted career training, performance tracking, certifications and badges, and analytics and reporting.

JobReady Develops Digital Course Catalog for San Antonio Ready-to-Work Training Providers

Apr 10, 2024

As part of a voter-approved workforce development initiative to upskill the local workforce and help adults enter career pathways to secure better jobs, the SARTW partnered with LearningMate to develop a modular, digital course catalog.

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