Educators Deserve
Good, Clean Data

Double Line provides data and technology strategy services to state & local government and non-profit clients with a focus on human services, such as education, health, and justice.

Our Focus


At DoubleLine, we believe data is the key to empowering educators and administrators to have a greater impact on student outcomes, whether in K-12, higher ed, or early childhood. We don’t shy away from the tough challenges; in fact, we specialize in bringing your ambitious data vision to life using modern data standards such as CEDS, Ed-Fi, and OneRoster. Let us help you unlock the power of data.

State & Local Government

We understand the frustrations that government leaders face when data silos hinder their efforts to provide efficient, integrated services to constituents. That’s why we specialize in tackling the big data and process challenges standing in the way of progress. Our solutions enable partnering departments and supporting third parties to work together on their related missions, all while maintaining a strict focus on governance and privacy. Together, let’s break down data silos and achieve your vision for efficient and effective government services.

Non-Profit Foundations

Grant makers invest significant effort in aligning their investments with their philanthropic mission. When you’ve devoted your career to moving the needle on a problem, it’s critical to know what’s working and what’s not. That’s where we come in. We specialize in designing and executing end-to-end data collection that provides rich insights while reducing the reporting burden on your grantees. Let us help you achieve your philanthropic goals and make a real impact on the world.

LearningMate - Project for CCA

Our Technology

Google Cloud

Leverage the flexibility and security of Google Cloud. With a robust and extensive library of tools, the Google Cloud Infrastructure is an excellent choice for many industry, government, and educational institutions. Google Cloud is a powerful tool, we’ll help you harness it.

AWS Cloud

Powerful and secure cloud infrastructure, especially on the AWS stack, is vital to your success. If you’re looking for a future-proof cloud platform solution, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will show you how AWS can provide a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. Let’s harness the power of the cloud.

On Premises

If your IT decision-makers prefer an on-premise implementation, then lean on our deep experience building dashboards, data warehouses, and custom reporting tools on-premise. We’ll analyze your needs, resources, and staffing to provide a complete solution for you.

We're Mission Driven

Measuring the impact of our work is part of our bottom line. We create solutions that directly impact education, health, and justice.

We Want the Difficult Stuff

The easy stuff is boring and we leave that to other companies. Our work is challenging because we focus on untangling knots others can’t untie.

Thought Partnership

Over more than a decade solving difficult data problems, Double Line has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge that we want to share with you! Having us as your partner means that you have access to that
experience and can lean on us to expedite the process of meeting your goals and achieving your mission.

Holistic Approach

Double Line seeks out long term, sustainable projects – we recognize that your data are not in vacuums and so understanding the whole landscape is vital to your continued success. Double Line builds solutions that consider
the interconnected facets of your organization, in addition to creating a tech solution that allows future growth.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Tell us a little about yourself and what you need. Chances are high we’ve been there before and we can help you solve your problem