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Who is LearningMate?

At LearningMate, every product we build, every program we transform, every data point we connect, every course we create–everything–we do it with one purpose: to make the world more educated. When you work with LearningMate, you are supported by people who care.

With the AI revolution in full swing, we embrace it, believing it is the only way to achieve personalization at scale. We are pathfinders, leading the way in the ethical deployment of artificial intelligence in the education technology sector. We see a bright future. For teachers. Students. For administrators.

AI Technology


LearningMate is the largest ed-tech solutions company in the world focused on training Large Language Models (LLMs) for education. We leverage AI to create adaptive, personalized learning experiences. Our expertise in prompt engineering and fine-tuning LLMs enables the development of educational content that perfectly fits with specific learning needs and career readiness.

How we serve ed tech +

K12 students and educators

Serving K12

Our youngest learners deserve the best educational experiences possible. We use the strategic deployment of AI to make K12 education accessible and personalized. We use AI to support teachers and administrators with state standards, real-time learning data, communication, grading, and much more. We believe in the power of freeing up teachers to do what they do best: teach. It’s time our teachers across the globe are fully supported with the infrastructure they need. At LearningMate, we’re here to see this done.

How we serve K12 +

Higher Education

Serving Higher Education


From automating administrative tasks to building personalized learning pathways, LearningMate has been at the forefront of innovation in Higher Education for over twenty years. With AI, we are working hard to revolutionize higher education, making it more affordable, accessible and effective than ever before. We want higher education to thrive in the 21st century, and this is achieved through digital content transformation, smart learning design, and AI technology infrastructure.

How we serve higher education +


Serving The Workforce

We help get the right training, to the right people, at the right time. Whether upskilling employees or training field operatives and customers on complicated equipment and processes, we can help you inject time and money back into the training process. This makes for happier employees, happier customers, and happier shareholders. Do you need workforce training solutions?

How we serve the workforce +

AI Platform and Education Application Workbench

We are revolutionizing education with advanced AI features, integrating with CMS, LMS, and enterprise systems for content ingestion and customization. Our platforms allow for easy creation, deployment, and optimization of AI-driven educational tools, including content generation, validation, and neural search. With precise tracking for performance improvement and a strong governance framework ensuring content integrity and DEI compliance, LearningMate is at the forefront of educational innovation.

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