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Who is LearningMate?

We’re a group of technologists who love education. We’re diverse. We’re international. We serve ed-tech companies, K12, higher ed, and corporations. We’re fiercely devoted to our customers. We create digital infrastructure, technology solutions, and we help our customers use them effectively. We’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and we love what we do.


Serving Education


This includes OPMs, publishers, and ed tech companies. We work behind the scenes making your workflows and tech stacks as efficient and cost effective as possible. Are you in education technology?

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K12 students and educators

Serving K12

From districts to specialized charter schools, we’ve built technology and services solutions to meet almost any need. We can help you organize standards, implement personalized learning, clarify learning data, connect systems, and much more. We love finding ways to save your teachers time, lower the burden on administrators, and of course, empower your students. Are you in K12?

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Higher Education

Serving Higher Education


It’s no secret higher ed is undergoing a massive digital disruption. Speed. Quality. Cost. We can help you balance it all. Whether you’re rushing programs online or re-imagining your tech stack, we’ve done it before. Drive student retention with quality hybrid courses and lower your costs of delivery. We can help you achieve both. Are you in higher ed?

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Serving The Workforce

Get the right training, to the right people, at the right time. Whether you upskilling employees or training field operatives and customers on complicated equipment and processes, we can help you inject time and money back into the training process. This makes for happier employees, happier customers, and happier shareholders. Do you need workforce training solutions?

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Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions are carefully designed to meet the most urgent needs in education today. Our solutions have helped education organizations of all sizes innovate, save time, control their content, track data, increase ROI, and much more. Browse the tabs below for a brief overview of our most popular solutions.


Frost is a suite of integrated platforms designed to provide the digital infrastructure for your educational content. From instructional design to data to assessments, Frost can handle it all in one place, simplifying your entire content ecosystem.

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LearningMate Transform is a subscription tool bundled with instructional design and technical support services to help you rapidly shift to digital and blended learning experiences. Transform includes a learning outcomes manager, a course starter kit consisting of proven course frameworks and a collection of teaching and learning best practices, and a learning object repository to centrally manage all your program and course assets.

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Frost Explore has been described as “Pinterest(™) for educators” who want peace of mind that ALL their content is standards-aligned and ready to go. Whether teaching students remotely, in person, or using a hybrid model, Frost Explore makes it easy to support your teachers.

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Frost Insights for Google Classroom is an easy-to-use K-12 reporting solution that simplifies Google Classroom, SIS, and attendance data so you can eliminate manually created charts, reports, and data visualizations. LearningMate is offering qualifying schools the opportunity to access Frost Insights for Google Classroom today.

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