AI-enabled Content Services

Annotate your textual, image, audio, and video data accurately to enhance your analytics journey.

Course Outline, Course Content Development, and Review
Analyze existing course materials and academic standards to suggest course outlines, content, and multimedia resources and review content against standards.

Assessment Development
Generate assessments in different types and formats based on the course content, learning outcomes, standards, skills, and relevant guidelines.

Video Script Development
Generate video scripts suggesting key points, examples, dialogues, and screen descriptions.

Content Translation Services
Translate course material to different languages, including textual and AV content.

Workflow Optimization
Optimize content development workflows by introducing AI-based tools for improved TAT and quality.

Personalized Learning
Analyze a student’s performance, learning style, and preferences to allow students to reformat content, summarize, and simplify content for ease of reading.

Adaptive Assessments
Adjust the difficulty of assessments in real-time based on the student’s performance.

Content Recommendation
Suggest additional learning materials and activities based on a student’s progress, interests, and past interactions.

Automated Grading
Review short answer or essay-type student submissions against exemplars and rubrics.