Frost Suite Product Update, February 2021

Online Help Center

We’ve launched an online help center that is now available within the platform.. The previous manuals were cumbersome documents. Now, everything is online, searchable, and easy-to-access for users.

Streamlined Sign up

Previously, in order for a user to sign up, a Frost platform administrator had to register them beforehand in the platform. This proved to be a significant bottleneck for use-cases where many users need to be signed up at once. Now, an administrator can create a default role with custom configurations. Users can simply click the link and input their information, and their role is created in Frost with the pre-set defaults.

Product Configuration Details

We’ve created a place where administrators can see all of their product configurations and details. Administrators can now see which Frost platforms are enabled, how they’re configured, and the default landing platform.

Node Locking (Frost Designer)

When there are many hands and approvers and creators in a course, this can sometimes create chaos. We’ve implemented a feature where a node can be locked or “frozen” so that no more updates can be made to it. Once locked, users will be unable to perform any further action to the node such as editing, reordering, deleting, or updating its status. Nodes can be locked at the individual level, or at the hierarchy level.

Node Status (Frost Designer)

We’ve implemented statuses that can be assigned to nodes within the Frost course designer. The default statuses are “authoring,” “copy edit,” “review,” and “final.” Administrators can manually change these statuses.

Node Commenting (Frost Designer)

We enhanced the ability of users to comment. Previously, if a user wanted to make a comment, they had to click inside of the content page itself to leave the comment. Now, users can comment at the node/outline level.

Improved UI/UX in the TOC & Editor (Frost Designer)

We’ve completely redesigned the TOC & Editor experience in Frost Designer. We’ve improved the experience when reordering nodes. Multiple users can now work on the same TOC without data loss. Widgets and patterns can now be added from the menu option on the toolbar. Basically, we just made it better!

Improvements to Bulk Importing (Frost LOR)

We increased the capacity, speed, and customization options for bulk importing CSVs into the Frost LOR.

Frost SSO – ACMT Single Sign-On into Frost

ACMT users now have an SSO integration into the Frost Platform with the rest of the Frost Suite of products. These include Designer, LOR, Admin, Analytics, Explore, Transform, and Assessments Authoring.

Taxonomy Versions & Notifications (ACMT)

Taxonomies are living documents, occasionally being updated and changed or edited. This can often create a waterfall of communications that need to go out to stakeholders related to the updates. Users who are subscribed to a taxonomy from any external system will now receive automatic updates when a taxonomy is edited, changed, or updated.

Explore & Transform

Explore and Transform is a one-stop-shop for all of your OER content-related needs, catering to K-12 clients (Explore) and Higher Education (Transform). Users can browse through OER content based on aligned standards and metadata. They can also preview media elements like images and videos, as well as PDF documents and external links. It is a centrally organized OER tool with the ability for users to browse and share curated resources. Visit the LearningMate Transform Page to find out more.

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