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Hybrid and Digital Rapid Course Development


What is LearningMate Transform?

LearningMate Transform is a subscription tool bundled with instructional design and technical support services to help you rapidly shift to digital and blended learning experiences. Transform includes a learning outcomes manager, a course starter kit consisting of proven course frameworks and a collection of teaching and learning best practices, and a learning object repository to centrally manage all your program and course assets.


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Great Online Experiences = Happy Students

Your students talk; to each other, mentors, and eventually colleagues. And what they say all depends on the quality of their educational experience. LearningMate Transform ensures these conversations are glowing endorsements. Today’s student expects more, having grown up in a digital landscape. Low quality online experiences drastically lowers engagement, retention, and acquisition of new students.

Make the transformation to a student-centric, digital and hybrid education experience that competes with the best. We’ll help you every step of the way.



Stay Relevant and Innovate

57% of college students surveyed insist high quality digital instruction is extremely important to them. Colleges and universities that ignore this trend could put their missions at risk. Don’t get left behind. LearningMate Transform helps you get ready for the digital future of higher education.

“LearningMate Transform provides the technology to continue our commitment to providing access to dynamic degree programs characterized by career-relevant skills and engaging student experiences. As we continuously evolve to meet the growing needs of our online learners, Transform provides support for our vision to rapidly innovate to meet, or exceed, student and faculty needs.”

Dr. Karen Ferguson, Provost, Salem University

Rapid Development without Sacrificing Quality

Typically, when you want to tackle a complex project quickly, quality becomes a secondary priority. LearningMate Transform brings to bear over twenty years of education technology experience with a specialization in content. We’ve been there before, lots of times. And we can help you get there quickly, without sacrificing your high standards.

Save Time with the Learning Resource Library

Search, browse, and share digital content across your entire institution using a centralized repository of digital resources. The Learning Resource Library allows you to organize your curated open education resources (OER) for programs and align resources to outcomes and skills.

“LearningMate was a collaborative, diligent partner in our effort to convert 21 programs to asynchronous offerings. At first, the task seemed insurmountable; however, with LearningMate’s assistance and ongoing interactions, we were able to update our courses quickly, while still holding a high standard of quality. Our success is thanks to our faculty effort and LearningMate’s hard work.”

Shannon McCarty, Vice President, Teaching & Learning, National University

Free Your Content for Higher ROI

LearningMate Transform is more than a quick-fix. We’ll help you establish the long-term digital infrastructure that makes moving, editing, creating, and curating content fast and pain-free. With our proprietary Learning Object Repository, you can experience unprecedented control over your learning objects. For the first time, you’ll control your content, your content won’t control you.

Technology and Services

In this section is a list of the full suite of technology and services that come with LearningMate Transform. Moving to hybrid and digital learning environments is complex and requires a delicate mix of the right technology, the right training, and expert support. One of our team members would be happy to go through each of these in detail. Just fill out the form on this page we will be in touch with you.

Ongoing Support for entire team

Learning Resource Library

Learning Outcomes Manager

Course Structure Templates

Discussion Board Strategies

Rubrics for assessment

Faculty Success Guide

Training for staff and faculty

Ongoing Support for entire team

Supplemental Learning Materials


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