Gain Total Visibility.

Google Classroom has helped school districts rapidly transition to remote and hybrid learning. In this new landscape, teachers are now navigating new challenges, including:

  • Poor visibility across academic software tools
  • Lack of simplified data analytics for important metrics
  • Inability to rapidly or accurately assess student performance

Frost Insights overcomes these challenges by combining rich contextual data from Google Classroom and your SIS all in one place. With an easy-to-use panoramic view of student journeys, teachers and administrators have the power to make the right decisions at the right time.


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Early Warning.

Digital learning makes it harder for teachers and administration to ensure students stay on track with educational targets.

Frost Insights aggregates data across systems and provides crucial early warning signals so your schools can stay on top of student performance and manage interventions with fewer staff hours.

Frost Insights for Google Classroom is an easy-to-use K-12 reporting solution that simplifies Google Classroom, SIS, and attendance data so you can eliminate manually created charts, reports, and data visualizations. LearningMate is offering qualifying schools the opportunity to access Frost Insights for Google Classroom today.

Bring Clarity to Your Classroom

Regain Visibility. 

Aggregated education intelligence across systems, instantly. When you gain total visibility from Google Classroom data aggregation, you can make informed education intelligence decisions and with fewer resources.

with Frost Insights for Google Classroom

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Simplified Data Views. 

Comprehensive, customizable dashboards to manage the student journey. Gain real-time performance insight, including state-mandated metrics, so you can compare student performance and attendance across schools and courses to see student engagement and academic progress.

Add-on Technology.

Frost Insights is a simple Google Classroom plugin. Get crystal clear data visualizations at the push of a button. Insights will aggregate your data into easy-to-use reports to start saving your team time on day one.

District Grade Level Performance

Compare student performance across schools and courses to determine student engagement and academic progress.


District Engagement Trends

View aggregated key performance indicators across schools.


Improved Teacher Support

Compare student engagement across courses to determine teacher support needs. 


Total Student Engagement Views

Review student performance to inform flexible grouping decisions and identify disengaged students. 


Support Student Intervention Activity

Rich student views provide insight on attendance, academics, social-emotional learning, demographics, and behavior. 


School-wide Data Views.

Frost Insights for Google Classroom seamlessly integrates local knowledge from educators with data from Google Classroom, your LMS, attendance software, and more, so that all levels of your school system have the visibility they need.

Frost Insights for Google Classroom will be available in Fall 2021, but select schools can get access today.

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Frost Insights for Google Classroom Is Available to Select K-12 Schools.

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