An advanced Generative AI platform, specialized for education

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Transform learning experiences and content workflow by tapping into the powerful capabilities of our platform, created to elevate experiences for everyone in the learning ecosystem.

What’s different about Kadal AI?

Kadal brings you the power to surf your content and build powerful teaching and learning experiences. Designed specifically for educators and ed-tech firms, this platform allows you to unlock the full potential of your existing content and helps you generate and manage new content and experiences. Kadal is available to you in two flavors:


Use our platform on a shared infrastructure. It is hassle-free and ready to use. Just like that.


Prefer your own cloud? Deploy on your choice of cloud provider, including AWS and Google Cloud. We will deploy and manage it for you.


Try, Build & Deploy

Choose from prebuilt use cases covering neural search, chatbots, content generation, and content validation. Or build your own by using our AI workbench. If you do not have the bandwidth, leverage our professional services to build your use case.

Test and Deploy use cases to your point of consumption using our API, embeddable components, or no-code platforms.

Kadal try built and deploy
Kadal try built and deploy

Amplify your Knowledge

Import your educational content into Kadal and transform it into engaging, AI-powered learning experiences. Build your private knowledge base, prepare your datasets, and keep them secure.


Choose from preconfigured connectors for popular LMSs and enterprise platforms, or build your own. If you need help building custom connectors, our professional services team is here to assist you.

Manage LLM

Manage & Finetune your Models

Bring your own AI models or pick from a selection of popular large language models (LLMs) we have pre-configured on the platform. Fine-tune models to align with your knowledge base and fit your unique educational requirements.

Governance & Security

Track detailed logs, moderation, and alerts from centralized controls and fine-tune settings per your need. Use preset guardrails and configure for each use case. Our human-at-the-center approach ensures accountability and focus on the end users.


Our Partners

We collaborate with the best in the market so that you get the best solutions. You can choose AI platforms and services, LLM foundational models, and frameworks best suited to your educational needs.

AI Platforms & Services

LLM Foundation Models

PaLM2   |   GPT 3   |   LLaMA 2   |   Titan   |   Claude 2   |   Jurassic – 2   |   T5   |   GPT 4   |   BERT


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Exploring AI in education? Let our experts guide you. We’re not just tech enthusiasts, we’re educators at heart. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale, our consultants will work with you to identify the right solutions for you!