What is Frost Explore?

Frost Explore helps school districts and educators quickly find correlated, standards-aligned content resources from our repository and OER, or use the Frost Designer to build your own. Whether teaching students remotely, in-person, or using a hybrid model, Frost Explore empowers you to find resources to support all of your teaching and learning models – anytime, anywhere.


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LearningMate is a professional services and product company offering domain expertise in teaching and learning solutions.

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Align and curate your content to standards, grades, and curriculum.

Leverage one tool to align your self-authored, open education resources (OER), or premium publisher content to your teaching needs, saving educators time, headache, and frustration.

Simplify your educators' teaching experience, and improve student growth.

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We have worked with LEAs, SEAs, and digital curriculum providers across the country to create digital learning experiences that are true to their values and learning approaches. Over 10 million traditional and non-traditional students have benefited from our work.  We are one of the largest education technology companies in the world. Would you like more information on Frost Explore? We're here to help.

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Explore standards-aligned digital resources. Stop endless searches.

All of the resources you need at your fingertips. Find content specific to your teaching needs, including 70,000 OER, or create your own content. Extract the exact, standards-aligned resources you need when you need them. 

We're here to help. See what's included out of the box.

Frost Explore includes consulting services to help you align and organize your content inline with your state standards. We will show you how to find content, create lesson plans, and share resources with your LMS. 

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Build unique content collections for your unique lessons.

Customize your lessons by building content collections that align with your state standards and individual lesson plans. unique approach to teaching and learning. You can also stitch collections together and share collection with other educators.

Share resources and collections to Google Classroom or any LMS.

Share resources with students anytime, anywhere through Google Classroom or LMS's to deliver a deeper learning experience.


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