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Here’s a math equation:

(Your district content + 70,000 Open Resources) x easy use = standards aligned success.

Frost Explore has been described as “Pinterest(™) for educators” who want peace of mind that ALL their content is standards-aligned and ready to go. Whether teaching students remotely, in person, or using a hybrid model, Frost Explore makes it easy to support your teachers.


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Are you an administrator?

Explore was created to help you reduce curriculum chaos, by a lot! Do you wonder what is actually being taught in your district or school? Is it approved, aligned, differentiated? Your curriculum management doesn’t need to be a bog of frustration. In fact, with Explore, your teachers will have thousands of lessons and curriculum at their fingertips, aligned to the state standards and district-defined outcomes and goals.


Are you a teacher?

If you’re a teacher and you’ve found this page, then you’re likely looking for curricular resources in some fashion. With Explore, you can rest easy that all your materials are aligned and associated with appropriate state standards. This tool is for you! Forward this page to your principal, curriculum director, and anybody else with the message, “We need this ASAP!” Better yet, make an email introduction to the right person for us. We’ll take it from there. You can write directly if you want to connect us to a principal or district.

Align and curate your content to standards, grades, and curriculum.

Frost Explore is your single source for your self-authored, open education resources (OER), or premium publisher content. Save time, prevent learning loss, increase learner engagement, and help care for your teachers.

Explore standards-aligned digital resources. Stop endless searches.

All of the resources you need at your fingertips. Find content specific to your teaching needs, including 70,000 OER, or create your own content. Find the perfect, standards-aligned resources you need when you need them.


Build unique content collections for your unique lessons.

Customize your lessons by building content collections that align with your state standards and individual lesson plans’ unique approach to teaching and learning. You can also stitch collections together and share them with others.


Share resources and collections to Google Classroom or any LMS.

Share resources with students anytime, anywhere through Google Classroom or your LMS to deliver a deeper learning experience.


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