Curriculum Design & Course Development

LearningMate’s Curriculum Design & Course Development services enable institutions to develop learning experiences that drive student-centered outcomes and your institutional goals.

Curriculum Design
We are dedicated to solving your curriculum design challenges. From traditional online and hybrid learning models to competency-based education and micro-credentialing, our clients rely on LearningMate to drive student-centered outcomes and institutional goals. We will work with you to identify and establish outcomes at the program, course, and unit level. We design activities and assessments to maximize student mastery and engagement.

Program Mapping
Our learning design team takes a systematic, data-driven approach to mapping content to learning objectives, competencies, industry standards, and workforce skills.

Course Development
With deep-rooted expertise in all major LMS platforms–including specialization in migration, course set-up, and LTI integration–a gold standard accessibility services team, and robust QA practices, we will develop your courses accurately and efficiently.

Faculty Support
We provide a full range of faculty support services, from instructor guides and rubrics to online teaching modules, virtual office hours, and instructor coaching.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
LearningMate is committed to ensuring all learners see themselves reflected in their learning experiences. Our guidelines and rubrics make implementing best practices of DEI straightforward and efficient.

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