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Equity and Inclusion Evaluation Scorecard

Download the free equity and inclusion scorecard. This resource will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your content as it relates to equity and inclusion best practices. It’s designed to be completed with a team


Not just a checkbox

At LearningMate, Equity and Inclusion is not a separate division or a side project. It’s not a box we check. It is something we take seriously. As such, we incorporate it into everything we do. This includes both the working environment of our employees as well as the content and solutions we create for our clients.

Experts in Equity and Inclusion

We come from various backgrounds including but not limited to K12, HE, and Corporate Learning. We’ve created an exhaustive style guide for Equity and Inclusion. The guide covers multiple attributes for effective E&I application including visual and media design, language, style, and learning design.


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Don’t get overlooked

In 2021, 8% of education companies lost a sale or an existing customer due to the perception their products did not foster equity and inclusion. Increasingly, districts are turning away content products that don’t live up to modern standards for E&I. Equity and Inclusion must be implemented in a manner that is thorough and thoughtful.

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