Round Table Briefing


Round Table Briefing

10 Lessons Learned from the Sudden Shift to Online Learning: How Colleges and Universities Can Create Scalable, Sustainable Change for the Modern Student


When the coronavirus pandemic forced higher education to close their doors and move classes online in March 2020, a massive shift occurred. With nearly all students suddenly online learners, many in higher ed faced a looming specter: adapt or perish.

Leaders at institutions including Salem University, Harrisburg University, University of Phoenix, National University, and more, share their top 10 lessons learned during the rapid transition to an online learning environment during COVID-19 and what it means for institutions preparing for sustainable transition post-COVID.

Round Table Briefing

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These 10 lessons will help you consider how to organize the common elements of your institution’s offerings, including learning outcomes, core course elements, library resources, faculty and student buy-in, and in-person, hybrid/flexible, and fully remote models.


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