HyFlex Teaching and Learning Solutions

Hybrid learning has become a powerful tool for colleges to reach learners today. Here we are looking at the digital learning elements that we can combine with on-campus experiences for holistic educational outcomes.

To facilitate the adoption of best practices across mediums, digital enablers support learners and provide institutions with knowledge of all education sources. A recent Brandon Hall study shows that online enablement accelerates 25-40% acquisition of expertise. 

LearningMate Transform is an extensive package of learning outcomes resources, platforms, decision-making models, and best practice templates to create, implement, and unify programs and courses.

How does LearningMate Transform help?

1. Centralized searchable content: Even when on-campus, learners will need to access content in various formats and from multiple sources aligned to the authorities’ standards. LearningMate provides templatized best practices in teaching, ensures proper collection and access to relevant materials.

2. Integrated course creation: Educators at the helm of course design and creation processes require flexibility and guidance to incorporate online learning’s appropriate aspects with on-campus programs. Not only does LearningMate provide a digital infrastructure, but it also offers templates that can be referred to by educators when designing courses.

3. Navigation assistance: Educators today have a wide range of resources at their disposal, which needs integration for exceptional learning experiences. LearningMate manages course concepts to production by aiding educators in curation, utilization, and evaluation of courses to maximize utilization of all available resources. This results in optimal usage of time and cost efficiencies while maintaining smooth operational delivery.

4. Continuous Improvement: LearningMate provides support to organizations by monitoring the efficacy of the courses that are created by educators. They supplement the instructional design team by evaluating courses for perpetual progress and managing those assessments.

LearningMate offers services that stay relevant irrespective of the dynamic times that we live in today by providing a mix of the best practices that are highly adaptable irrespective of the reliance on a specific platform.

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