Frost Suite Product Update, November 2020

Over the course of 2020, the product team has been hyper-focused on taking our stand-alone education products and pulling them together. Our goal has been to create a Frost educational product cloud with tightly-integrated products that each serve some facet of the content journey. Of course, these products can still be used in a stand-alone manner, but the true power lies in the seamless integrations between them.

With this comes all the benefits of an integrated cloud-based SaaS offering:

  1. Setup and delivery of products is reduced from days to minutes.
  2. Upgrades are deployed automatically across all products.
  3. User-based licensing models that give more flexibility to customers.
  4. Integrated SSO
  5. So much more!

This last quarter we’ve added some landmark features to Frost that move us much further into this new world of a LearningMate Education Cloud.

Central Role Management

Administrators can now set roles and permissions in one place for all products on the Frost platform. This reduces the complexity and the amount of time it takes to individually set permissions if a customer is using multiple different products in the Frost cloud.

Google Sign In

Users can now use their Google credentials to sign directly into the platform, making logging in to the Frost platform simple and easy.

Self Registration

In some instances of ACMT, our standards management platform, administrators require public feedback as a matter of state policy. For instance, new standard and competencies proposals are often subject to a public review period. With this feature, an administrator can make available a sign up page where any user can create a free account and access the platform.

Brightspace (D2L) Import

One of the biggest advantages of the Frost Cloud is its ability to integrate with and support multiple LMS systems. With this update, packages that have been created in Brightspace (D2L) LMS can now be directly imported into Frost. Users can now manage courses imported from Brightspace from the Frost Course Designer.

Logs for Publish & Export

We’ve vastly improved the visibility for users when they are publishing or exporting content. Users can now view the current status of a publish or an export as well as view details such as time, notes, time taken for completion. If the process failed, an error log is now generated so that corrections can be made. Once the process is complete, the system sends an email notification. This feature gives users the ability to move on to other tasks while an import and publish process is happening in the background.

Bulk User Import

For larger deployments with multiple users, admins can now import users in bulk using a CSV file. This helps users get up and running quicker without having to go in and individually import users and set their permissions one-by-one.

Taxonomy Versions & Notifications

Our vision with AMCT is to create an interconnected “grid” of digital standards and competencies taxonomies that automatically update when changes are made. For instance, if a state makes a change to a competency or a standard, then every ACMT instance that has subscribed to that taxonomy will be automatically updated. This drastically reduces the confusion, time, and headache for publishers and front-line educators when creating standards based curriculum.

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