Frost Suite Product Update, June 2021

Co-Branding for Logging in

Clients can now include their brand elements on the login pages alongside the Frost branding. Administrators can choose different branding elements for the login pages in addition to what they have inside the platform.


Product Logos on Login Page and Emails

As LearningMate rapidly iterates to meet market demands, we’ve developed newer versions of our products and new products as well (Frost Explore and LearningMate Transform). These new products are now reflected in the automated emails and login pages for Frost, helping reduce confusion for users who access only part of the whole suite of Frost products.


LTI 1.3 Support

Frost now supports LTI 1.3 tools for registration, preview and course building. The tools can now  be played via the LMS.


LTI 1.3 Deep Linking

Frost needed to act as the LTI 1.3 tool provider which could be configured with the modern LMSs like Canvas, Blackboard Ultra, Moodle, and D2L. We now let LMS users use the assets residing in the LOR to curate the courses within the system. In short, Frost can now be configured with the LMSs mentioned above as the LTI 1.3 tool provider.


QTI Support (LOR)

In the previous version, the Frost LOR was unable to identify QTI packages as specifically QTI packages. The system now identifies QTI v2.1 packages automatically (more versions will be supported with upcoming releases).


User Groups

Administrators can now assign users in groups to specific courses with pre-set permissions. This allows administrators to assign multiple users to edit and create courses without having to go through individually and change and add permissions.


Authoring Improvements

We made a number of improvements to authoring based on customer feedback. By default the course hierarchy will now be collapsed. As a user expands the tree and continues working, the state at which the hierarchy has changed will stay preserved for the user. Additionally, we’ve made improvements to delete nodes, reuse nodes, and lock/unlock nodes. We’ve made rubric creation easier and removed redundant alerts. We’ve also included the ckeditor toolbar in Assessment, Assignment, Forum & Pattern management. As we listen to more feedback from authors, we will continue to make more improvements to authoring.


Taxonomy Versions & Notifications (ACMT)

Taxonomies and standards/competency maps may get updated periodically. It is necessary to communicate these updates in a way that allows for comparison between the changes. With this update, when any ACMT-connected system publishes a taxonomy, users will now be notified. Users can view the versions of the taxonomy subscribed from any external system and update to the latest version.


Copy of published taxonomy

Users can now create a copy of a published taxonomy as a draft.


Project Alert Notifications

With this update, users will now be notified via the platform if an update to an existing taxonomy creates a missing association or a mis-alignment with a standard.


Taxonomy Project Report

We’ve included the ability for users to export a single project report which helps them track project workflow stages in detail. The taxonomy project report contains information of all the workflow stages, comments, and project users of a taxonomy. If the taxonomy has multiple projects associated with it, then it will export the report of all the associated projects. The  Taxonomy Project Report can be exported in Excel.


Taxonomy performance improvements

Based on various feedback from customers, we’ve made significant improvements to the overall browsing and downloading experience of large taxonomies. The process has been performance optimized so that it runs faster and is more seamless.


Frost Explore: Learning Resource Browsing

For Frost Explore, users can now browse learning resources that are aligned with subject, grade, and language.


Frost Explore: Academic Standards Browsing

For Frost Explore, users can now browse via standards and see which resources are available and aligned to those standards.


Frost Explore: Resource Bookmarking

Educators now have the ability to bookmark their favorite resources so they can return to them quickly as needed.


Frost Explore: Search Saving

Frost Explore users can now save previous searches, saving time and energy. They are now able to recall these saved searches when visiting the application later.


LearningMate Transform: Course Starter Kit

The Course Starter Kit introduces users to components in our hybrid and online courses. Faculty can browse and learn about course structure, discussion board strategy, rubrics, and supplemental learning material.


LearningMate Transform: Browse by Learning Outcomes

With this feature of Transform, users have the powerful ability to browse courses and programs by learning outcomes. Educators and faculty can find aligned content to specific learning outcomes.


LearningMate Transform: Browse by Resource Library

The Learning Resource Library allows users to organize curated OER for programs and align resources to outcomes and skills. Easily search, browse and share digital content across your entire institution.


LearningMate Transform: Bookmarked resources

Educators can bookmark specific resources and quickly return to them later.


LearningMate Transform: Saved Searches

Users can save previous searches and return to them later, saving time and energy.


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