Creating Seamless Teaching Experiences

Instructors are on the frontlines, delivering great learning experiences. However, they need to continually track multiple processes, such as finding specific content, understanding learner needs, and creating engaging exercises. Some of these can take up a significant amount of the instructor’s time.

A great teaching experience can be crafted by giving instructors the tools to make their processes more efficient and simple. 

This can be achieved with the help of a few tools.

Accurate Content Discovery – While the internet is a vast resource for content, finding the right content for a specific lesson can be tedious and time-consuming for the instructor. They require a content discovery system that is education-specific. A system that allows them to quickly and easily find content aligned to their specific teaching requirements and lesson plans.

Content Performance Analytics – Instructors need to know if course content is achieving the desired learning outcomes. They need to measure content performance data against standards to gauge lessons’ effectiveness and continually tweak and rework course material.

Easy Content Delivery – Great content discovery needs to be paired with seamless content delivery. Instructors need a way to share course content with learners easily, across all devices.

Creating a great teaching experience for instructors with these capabilities is possible, with a few ‘designed for purpose’ tech tools.

Education-specific Content Management System – Instructors need access to a content management platform designed ground up for education. They need a CMS that stores modular content in any format (audio, visual, text) and tags each piece of content with standards, skills, and competencies, making content discovery uncomplicated. 

Rich Data Analytics – Instructors need a platform that allows them to scrutinize content performance. Datapoints around engagement and usage will allow them to understand the content’s compatibility with the lesson’s learning objectives.

Seamless Delivery Platforms – Instructors need a delivery platform that can send content modules of all formats to any device with a push of a button. 

Great learning experiences are the foundation of deep learning journeys for every student. With the right learning solutions provider, you don’t have to do it alone.

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