Bring Outcome-Driven Courses to Your Campus

The impact of Covid-19 on our Higher Education system has been staggering. As the emergency subsides, our institutions face significant challenges to cater to learners’ evolving needs. Online learning experiences will be a part of education for the foreseeable future, and colleges and universities need a framework that looks beyond the immediate horizon.  We need better ways to organize and share program and course learning outcomes for students while taking a data-driven approach to curriculum design.

LearningMate Transform is a comprehensive suite of services, platforms, decision-making models, and best-practice templates for developing, delivering, and aligning programs and courses with learning outcomes. We help you build for agility from the ground up.

What are the benefits of an online and blended learning offering?

Flexible program delivery: Though online learning has been a necessity this year, the way forward suggests adopting a blended approach. Agile courses optimize online and on-campus experiences in a mix that uniquely leverages the strengths of your institution.

Shared resources: Effective, blended programs build on collections of centrally managed, reusable, and discoverable content to enable rapid iterations of curricular design with vetted materials to support learners with relevant interactives and practice materials.

Centralized outcomes management: Many institutions have started to align programs and courses with skills and competencies to track how well their offerings support intended student outcomes. Only a few have ready access to this valuable mapping data. Our customized learning outcomes plan provides a central repository for your alignment information and makes it easy to measure success.

Why LearningMate? Improve instruction with better use of technology and resources.

LearningMate Transform includes proven course frameworks, a learning outcomes manager, a learning object repository, and a collection of best practices and teaching and learning research. Our affordable, flexible subscriptions are customized during a two-week launch process to meet the individual needs of colleges and universities and include service hours that complement faculty and institutional use of the subscription tool.

We go beyond just offering the tools and bundle service hours to augment on-campus instructional technology and learning design resources, effectively humanizing the technology and ensuring you meet your goals.


Higher education programs and courses will continue to evolve in 2021. LearningMate Transform will bring flexibility and best practices to your institution in a changing environment, allowing you to maximize learning in uncertain times.

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