LearningMate Solutions celebrates 10 years impacting education at Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt, Germany — LearningMate Solutions, the world’s leading supplier of content and technology solutions for the education market, celebrated its 10-year anniversary this morning at Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Established in 2003, LearningMate’s eight core members set out on a mission to infuse technology into education providing richer, more engaging learning experiences and access to insightful learning analytics and actionable data designed to enrich the learning process.

As a pioneer in the EdTech movement, LearningMate quickly became a go-to resource for production needs; however, as the company evolved and became more entrenched in publisher workflows and processes, insight and experience gave way to innovation and expansion. Proprietary tools designed to streamline production and add scale were introduced and new services were continually added.

“The device revolution had phenomenal impact on education and the market became increasingly focused on shifting print content to digital—online courses, learning labs and simulations. This is when our value really began to shine.” Said Sam Sen, CEO, LearningMate Solutions, “People began to realize that this trend was here to stay and they were looking for someone with the experience and expertise to help them transition.”

During this time, LearningMate’s Technology Group began to grow and invest in resources such as mobile specialists, user experience experts and enterprise architects to answer market demands. As the team grew, so did the level of engagements. The need for advanced, sophisticated learning platforms and systems that incorporated adaptive learning became prevalent and LearningMate was among the first to respond.

The team even set up a Learning Lab to stay abreast of new trends and test out experimental solutions that could add value to customers as well as the entire industry. It was here that products such as GoClass, a cloud-based teaching and learning application for mobile learning; QuAD, an assessment authoring, management and delivery tool; and Learning eXchange, a customizable learning management platform, were born.

The content team grew as well, adding editorial services and recruiting talent including instructional designers, editors, a network of 400+ SMEs and more.

“Our best resource is our talented team—their combined experience and skill sets. Every time we set out on a new customer engagement, hire new talent or get involved in solutions that benefit the industry, we step out of our box and we grow. That is what is driving the design, innovation, and operational efficiencies behind LearningMate. We never stop growing and learning.” Said Sen. “Our business model is truly a partnership. We want our publishers to succeed. We want education to succeed. And we won’t stop pushing for that.”

Today, the company continues to work with the largest education publishers in the world and has more than 600 employees in three countries.

About LearningMate Solutions, Inc. LearningMate develops engaging, instructionally sound, interactive learning experiences on a variety of technology platforms and devices. The company has a significant presence in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India. LearningMate serves a global clientele comprised of education publishers, online schools, universities, government agencies, non-profits and education consortia.


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