LearningMate named to CIO Review’s 2016 “50 Most Promising EdTech Solution Providers” List

Digital Pioneer Differentiates with Core Learning Frameworks

Increasing digital investments by learning organizations have enabled LearningMate, the world’s largest digital-first EdTech services company, to grow with remarkable swiftness. In the words of Samudra Sen, CEO of LearningMate, “The education industry is going digital at a lightning-fast pace.  At the same time traditional education curriculum providers are also challenged to show a return on their investment in digital curricular products and are racing to re-engineer their workflows to reduce development timelines and costs.”

With a strong consulting practice and proven media development and platform engineering capacity, LearningMate designs new products, services and processes for its clients including publishers, higher education institutions, government departments of education and, more recently, organizations focused on professional development and learning. “We offer a unique combination of consulting, content and technology under one roof,” emphasizes Sen.

LearningMate’s breakaway success stems from continued investment in research and development of functional frameworks and tools to support its core services of instructional design, content remediation, assessment solutions, platform engineering and big data analytics. This combination of technology innovation and specialized services acts as an accelerator for new product development and promotes speed and efficiency across the content development cycle.

“Our core services coupled with our accelerator technologies help our customers get the right product to market on time and on budget. The price and time-to-market advantage that results from a LearningMate engagement is extremely compelling,” says Sen.

While its pioneering position has equipped LearningMate with the market experience to develop toolsets that add value to its customers, the organization is a services company at the core. Its business model allows clients to customize tools, frameworks and services while maintaining ownership and control of their own product roadmaps.

Everyone we work with is looking for ways to better engage and support their learners and better personalize the learning experience, says Sen. Our building blocks or frameworks help clients rapidly develop new learning products. LearningMate’s FROST is a customizable, enterprise class authoring tool that enables large teams to collaborate on interactive content. FROST supports a sophisticated metadata model and tagging interface that ensures content is searchable, reusable and even sequenceable on the fly by adaptive learning platforms. Likewise, LearningMate’s Assessment Technologies Toolkit features fully customizable authoring, delivery and data capture modules. The building blocks of this framework are capable of managing extremely large volumes of data and analyzing it. LearningMate also offers a mobile curricular framework, GoClass, which can be quickly customized and extended to deploy a mobile learning experience with digital curricular resources that puts the student at the center of a blended learning workflow.

LearningMate also works with state departments of education and other apex agencies to improve the use of actionable data at the state level. LearningMate’s unified data model and common dashboard offering is the foundation of a comprehensive set of system integration and enterprise architecture design services that bring together disparate data flows and application sets and helps create a coherent view of all critical teaching, learning and administrative processes.

Going forward, the company will “continue to expand its footprint, and build on its core services while ramping up investment in its tools and accelerator frameworks. We maintain our single-minded focus on helping our customers build high performing, scalable digital education products faster, cheaper and better,” concludes Sen.

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