Make sure your 
course is on course

Frost Insights is a suite of digital analytics tools that serve to improve student outcomes and course efficacy with detailed, visualized learning data. Frost Insights crunches the data behind your learning journey to help you visualize what you have learned and understand the challenges ahead of you.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

When you have the data, you can make decisions based on facts. You can see which learning objects are working, and which ones aren’t. You gain insight into how students are performing. And you can adjust accordingly. LearningMate is fiercely committed to removing the obstacles that prevent learning. Data helps you know where to focus your effort so your learners can thrive.

Understand your learners

Data is more important than ever in a world that is swiftly increasing its reliance on virtual learning. What was once an intuitive exercise from a teacher in person, is now extraordinarily difficult to replicate online. How do you know if a student is unengaged, or slipping behind in a virtual environment? Data can help us make up this gap.

Create Transparency with all stakeholders

Visualized data gives you the power to seamlessly communicate to every stakeholder in a learners journey. From parents, to administrators, you can create digital reports based in real data that help understand.

No more:

Lack of transparency of student progress for educators in digital environments.

Relying on intuition for decisions related to course effectiveness.

Time consuming communication to parents, administrators, and state officials.

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