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Course Designer is a cutting-edge platform that enables educators to create and design next generation digital and hybrid learning experiences that help learners reach their goals.

The last course designer you will ever need

Finally, you can design your courses in one place, with one user interface. Frost course designer is built specifically to interface with all modern learning management systems. This means, your designers get to design courses with software that was built specifically for that purpose.

Manage Multiple Stakeholders

One of the trickiest parts of managing course content is ensuring all stakeholders are informed and the proper people are interacting with the content at the right times. Frost Course Designer has built-in functionality that provides deep user management and permission settings that can accommodate everybody from the tenured professor to the intern.

Design with Delight

Get into the flow of authoring with Frost Course Designer. From drag and drop modules to whole page edit views, we’ve created an authoring platform that has the author in mind. It’s a tool that frees you up to focus on crafting the perfect educational experiences, and to stop wrestling with broken links and outdated user interfaces. The right tool is important. With Course Designer, we aim for the technology to “get out of the way” so you can focus on creating learning experiences that make a difference. Course Designer frees you to dream and create without boundaries.

No More…

Wrestling outdated learning management system course builders.

Time-consuming searching for a lost learning object.

Content that is disconnected from learning insight data

Difficult workflows when moving and porting content.



Use all major LMSs

Integrate with all major LMSs based on standards and competencies

Export multiple LTI output formats “out-of-the-box.”

Future Proof Your Learning Design

All of your learning objects can be aligned to standards and competencies.

Store all of your learning objects with enriched metadata so you curate and build courses with efficiency.

Gain unprecedented control over the designs of your content and courses with modern tools that make building courses efficient and fun.

Understand what’s happening in your courses

Access a standards-based rich data stream of insights.

Easily combine learning data from Frost Course Designer with other datasets for deeper insights on learners and course performance.

Improve your content with detailed content analytics, built directly into the platform.

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