A fun and interaction filled math game based model

The Math scores in a leading state in the US was not up to the mark and LearningMate was tasked with finding a solution that would help improve the average scores for the College Prep level. The idea was to create an online learning experience that would help the student learn math without the experiencing the cognitive load that is usually associated with the subject.

The solution was to create a game based learning experience that would teach math in a way that was enjoyable.

The design of the course therefore consisted of a series of math challenges that you needed to solve in the overall context of a detective game. Supporting the challenges were additional support tools like a well equipped online math library, opportunities for social interaction with peers taking the same course and a Math Wiki that would help students work through some of the challenges they faced. LearningMate also designed the learning platform for this that helped deliver this interactive learning experience to the student.

The project needed LearningMate to understand the user,  design the pedagogic model, write original content, build the platform the deliver on the interactive and collaborative features and finally help install and run the program.

The complete solution has now been implemented and the students from the state have been greatly benefited by the solution.

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