Professional Learning

LearningMate’s experienced Professional Learning solution approach delivers high-quality, flexible systems and content at scale.

LearningMate’s Professional Learning solution provides frameworks, courseware (mini, short modules) training, and learning solutions that are flexible, interactive, and measurable to meet your specific needs. Leverage digitized, meaningful, and effective content to save time, drive engagement and improve productivity, all while enabling you to quickly onboard teachers, prepare materials to transition to blended learning and digital learning products.

  1. Online/On-Demand
    • Save time with online courses that are accessible anytime and anywhere
  2. Personalized
    • Leverage content that is appropriate for different levels of mastery (novice to expert)
  3. Customized
    • Tailor content for your district that is interoperable with most enterprise platforms

Designed to improve performance, productivity, and engagement, at scale, LearningMate’s Professional Learning solution delivers online content for asynchronous, synchronous, self-directed, and personalized learning.


  • Establish best practices and research-based approach to recommend practical learning solutions. 
  • Decrease reliance on face-to-face learning methods and passive forms of instruction. 
  • Enable customized learning solutions that work on evidence-based learning principles and support professional adult learning needs. 


  • Enable access to self-directed, online learning resources that satisfy various levels of mastery. 
  • Leverage a team of experts to collaboratively build effective learning content and programs.
  • Enable effective maintenance of content through software-based content edits.


  • Increase engagement and receive quantifiable results that uncover areas requiring more focus.
  • Leverage avatars for scenario-based and simulations and learning experiences.