Product Testing & Quality Assurance

LearningMate's QA services enable functionality, usability, compatibility, and interoperability of market-ready digital products and are vetted by our in-house SMEs to ensure that the core component of any deliverable in the educational space is accurate and relatable.

For more than 15+ years, LearningMate has delivered content and functional QA services to leading educational publishers. LearningMate offers content validation and testing services for multimedia and eProducts across multiple customers. 

How LearningMate Fits In

Functional Quality Assurance harmonizes digital content across diverse operating systems and devices. It has become imperative to enhance the users’ experience. To offer an improved experience and deliver high-quality and affordable learning, enterprises need a proven partner with solid experience and credentials to quickly and accurately support digital content strategy.

Armed with our dedicated Content Services Center setup and operations across various locations, we offer initial and regression testing for digital products such as eBooks, apps, websites, and courses. Our SMEs handle multiple source files, often with tens of thousands of pages, undertaking testing and proofreading before providing tested content via a single interactive platform.


Our QA Service Offerings

  • Content Review to ensure test items “test” to the learning outcomes, pivot the correct feedback and response, and accurately assess students adaptively based on the level of taxonomic difficulty
  • Answer Solutions Checking to provide students with the correct work-outs to solutions and ensure the solutions themselves are correct
  • Testing (Alpha/Beta Review) to ensure the product functions as designed
  • Accessibility QA
  • Content Mapping to ensure content maps from prior editions to the most current edition
  • Project Management to ensure all QA services hit client milestone benchmarks
  • Production and QA to ensure legacy test files are seamlessly transferred to digital platforms
  • Semantic and Business Rules QA & Validation
  • Functional Testing: We are accustomed to working on the initial test phase, fixing errors, and performing regression testing. We test in multiple environments, including those destined for desktop and mobile environments across different browsers/platforms as needed. We check all links, navigation buttons, questions, and all assets (audio/video/animations) and report the corresponding errors in the bu-tracking system during the testing phase. We can handle the functional content testing of Business Communication, Marketing, Psychology, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy subjects in Quantitative Business
  • Content Validation: We validate the content and check the style of the assigned projects
  • Bug Tracking Systems: We are also highly experienced in handling various bug-tracking systems such as JIRA, QuickBase, Mantis, etc.
  • Various Platforms: Our team has extensive experience in handling various platforms such as Blackboard, WebCT, ANGEL, Canvas, etc., assessment platforms such as QuAD, online authoring platforms, and clients’ proprietary platforms


Our Functional QA Proposition

  • 30,000 hours per year of testing
  • Expertise in various OS and devices such as Windows, MAC, iOS, and Chromebook
  • Our staff has an average of six years of experience
  • Our average TAT is between two and five days, depending on the task and the client’s TAT. One day is available for emergency requests


People + Technologies + Excellence:
Our greatest strength is our talented human resources. Our experts deploy the best-in-class practices, ensuring complete confidence among our clients and peace of mind for them.

  • 100+ Seasoned QA Managers
  • 250+ Interoperability Testers – Platform/Browsers
  • 500+ SMEs for Content Review
  • 1000+ Proof Readers
  • 500+ Manual Testers – Functional QA Experts

Expand the Reach of Your Content:
The spread of today’s content is global. Yet, to have a better reach locally, native language capabilities are essential. Our global geographical footprint offers our clients that distinct advantage.

LearningMate’s Functional Workflow Process:

  1. Functional QA
  2. Cross-Platform Testing
  3. Regression Testing
  4. Implementation


Our Functional QA Proposition

We understand that our client’s content is valuable. Keeping this in mind, our full range of content services exists for the sole purpose of:

Content Review & Verification:
To ensure items “test” to the learning outcome to ensure the correct feedback and response based on the level of taxonomic difficulty

Answer/Solution Checking:
To ensure students are provided with the correct work-outs to solutions and the verification of solutions

Content proofreading and comparison between source and destination content after the transformation

Functionality Testing:

  • Links (cross-references, glossary links, pop-ups, external links) verification for bad links, redirection, and missing ones
  • All navigation buttons and pop-ups available on the platforms
  • Grade tracker verification for the questions attempted and the correct answer choices
  • Media file integration testing and verification of all the available options in each media file

Cross-Platform Testing:

  • Verify the courses in multiple platforms based on the platform testing matrix and report any interoperability issues
  • Multiple browsers testing of the same website, digital course based on the browser testing matrix to identify and cross-browser functional issues