Instructional Design

LearningMate's instructional design experts work closely with clients to develop design specifications and storyboard e-learning programs—from eBooks and online courses to 2D or 3D digital interactive media—using proven learning methods and best practices.

Our experienced instructional designers can play the role of facilitator, researcher, and innovator while writing the content. Armed with a versatile skill set, they use the latest eLearning tools, technology, and software to design effective learning courses and materials, thus ensuring high levels of user engagement and meeting the intended objectives.

Why Pick Our Instructional Design Services:

  • We define instructional strategies
  • We engage learners with clear and meaningful content
  • We present content in an engaging and meaningful way
  • We get learners to focus on the right things
  • We provide context and perspective

Our Instructional Design & eLearning Services:

  • Conceptualization and execution
  • Creating an overall course blueprint
  • Building learning architecture
  • Content mapping
  • Asset logging
  • Creating interactive activities
  • Developing assessment strategies
  • Developing exercises aligned with learning objectives

What Sets Us Apart
LearningMate has experience in leading multi-shore instructional design, learning design, visual design, and programming teams in various digi-books and adaptive courseware development projects.

Our team comprises specialists across various domains, such as assessment development, curriculum development, content development, and more. We provide sound instructional learning design solutions for diverse learner profiles, domains, and verticals across various geographies. We also have the expertise to conceptualize and design animation and explainer videos.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
SMEs are an integral part of the production process. They are involved in every stage of the process and significantly influence content development and delivery. LearningMate’s pool of SMEs consists of an in-house team of professionally qualified and doctoral resources.

We also have a robust network of faculty members and research scholars from premier educational institutions working as freelancer resources across various domains, as listed below.

  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Life Sciences
  • English/Literature
  • Accounting
  • Social Sciences/Sociology/Psychology
  • Health/Nursing
  • Pharmacology/Masters in Pharmacy
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Communication/Journalism
  • Math/Statistics
  • Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • History/Political Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Bio-Med/Bio-Chem/Bio-Informatics/Microbiology
  • Law
  • Business
  • Economics

All of our SMEs are trained on various client platforms, which gives them a good understanding of:

  • Platform-specific content structuring/rendering requirements
  • Various question types and options to present the question in the best possible mode
  • Advantages and limitations of the platform (if any) to be considered while authoring content