Dub Smarter with SmartDub

Experience the magic of AI-enabled live voice artist quality dubbing without compromising on accuracy and speed.

Pure technology solutions produce poorly nuanced, artificial-sounding results, while traditional studio services are too slow and expensive.

SmartDub offers the best of both through a combination of top-notch AI technology and human expertise, to offer an end-to-end, high-quality, cost-effective dubbing solution that is managed by humans and delivered through an AI-automated, cloud-based platform. 

How Does SmartDub Stand Apart?

End-to-End Solution:
Leverages multiple processes to ensure the original content is seamlessly processed and localized into a customer-ready standard, saving cost and time.

Flexible and customizable enough to meet diverse localization requirements that may vary depending on the project, region, and even language.

The ability to modulate synthetic voices and provide a natural effect that is not distracting is essential.

We have the ability to transcribe with precision, including from audio featuring accents and ambient sounds intermingled with dialogue.

High-quality translations with human intervention, ensuring top-notch lip, isokinetic content, and character synchrony to deliver high-quality foreign language dubbing.

Precise natural pronunciation and modulation in multiple languages to keep up with the diverse and stringent demands of localization projects.


Voice Modulation:
Resembles a human tone with emotions, free from voice overlapping and pronunciation issues.

Voice Morphing:
Each stem voice can be used to create additional voices and in multiple languages.

Integrated Services:
A complete, end-to-end managed transcription and localization service, with the option to choose from 79 unique voices in over 29 languages.

With a capacity of up to 120 hours of content per day, get round-the-clock, cloud-based automation and global service delivery.

Reduced Cost:
SmartDub is 20-30% more cost-effective than other automated dubbing solutions.

Accelerated Time to Market:
Five times faster than traditional studio-based dubbing and minus the hassles associated with studio production and voice artists.

What Separates Us from the Rest?

In-depth Experience:
With multiple years of experience, our dubbing capabilities span various industries such as entertainment, eLearning and education, corporations, gaming, advertising, and more.

Native Voiceover Artists:
We use professional native voiceover artists for all of our services.

Multiple Languages:
Our team is well-versed in national and international languages with accents, enabling effective communication of the intended message to diverse consumers.

High-Quality End-Product:
Our professional lip synchronization and voiceover narration, combined with the capabilities of our technical supervisors, have helped us develop a streamlined production process leading to best-in-class outcomes.

Our key languages:

  • English: US/UK
  • Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, and Vietnamese
  • Middle East & Eastern European Languages: Arabic, Farsi, Polish, and Russian
  • European Languages: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Indian Languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu


Education & Corporate Training:
Our dubbing services cater to educational as well as corporate learning institutes via K-12 schools, colleges, training centers, universities, and corporates. We transform and deliver videos with more accuracy, faster time to market, and cost-efficiency in the local language.

Media & Entertainment:
We enable accurate and character-based automated dubbing services for films, documentaries, and online streaming platforms. We offer our services to local as well as international customers to deliver dubbing services across multiple languages.

Our AI-enabled automated dubbing solutions translate and localize games to create immersive user experiences–and will allow gaming vendors to explore opportunities with the sheer size and scale of games localization.