Digital Accessibility Strategy

At LearningMate, we offer end-to-end digital accessibility services to help clients ensure that their web applications, proprietary software, business processes, and documents are accessible to all.

Why Choose LearningMate for Your Accessibility Partner?

Efficiency through technology:
We firmly believe that accessibility services are people-driven. We intensify this skilled human effort through the use of proprietary tools enabled by AI and ML components.

Customized accessibility solutions:
Instead of relying on a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we pair each client or project with a handpicked multiservice team (auditing, design, production, editorial, project management) we also tailor workflows and oversight/reporting protocols on a project-specific basis.

Accessibility strategy development:
We aim to help clients create the most effective production or remediation strategy by offering a range of subject matter experts for consulting on product specs, standards, workflows, and production priorities.

Cost savings through offshoring:
We leverage our composition, digital, new media, HTML conversion, ZXML, audio-video, editorial, and localization teams in India and the Philippines to provide skilled and experienced resources at a lower cost.

Expand Your Revenue Base Through Customer Focus & Compliance

At LearningMate, we offer end-to-end digital accessibility services to help clients ensure that their web applications, proprietary software, business processes, and documents are accessible to people with disabilities. To do so, we work with clients to answer two vital questions:

  1. How can we make our varied products comply with WCAG 2.1, the ADA, Section 508, and other state and national laws and standards?
  2. How can we go beyond compliance “checklists” to improve general ease of use, customization, and discoverability?

LearningMate is uniquely positioned to help clients answer these complex questions. Unlike other vendors who specialize in a single service or content type, we offer consulting, training, design, auditing, and remediation services for a wide range of digital products.

Timing is Everything
The risks associated with implementing accessibility increase throughout the product life cycle. Most digital publishers and other high-volume content producers start by treating accessibility as a late-stage add-on, or they focus on retrofitting previously released content (remediation). Over time, they mature into creating “born accessible” products.

Our Work Across Education

Provided accurate captions in a number of languages.

Research Publishing:
WCAG conformance: Authored over 1 million alt-text descriptions for an integrated PPT-and-eBook remediation project via onshore, offshore, and hybrid models. Reviewers with visual challenges also performed a selective QA.

Improving inclusivity in schools: Provided consulting, audit, remediation, and alt-text-authoring services for over 400 different learning products (ePUB, PPT, PDF, Word) for a single client over a six-month period. Designed tracking systems, standards, and processes that the customer later adopted for future projects.

Assistive Technology:
Advanced software and hardware solutions, including screen readers and screen magnification software.

Website, as well as client product remediation. In the digital world, websites are considered successfully remediated only when they meet all of the standards under WCAG.

What LearningMate Can Do for You

We can help you comply with WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines and ever-evolving industry best practices to ensure compliance and provide equal access to information for everyone. We deliver results through a combination of SMEs, processes, and technology.

Our Services

  • Consulting: Priorities, processes, standards, tech adoption
  • Audits: Manual/automated testing for WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Remediation: Retrofitting existing products for accessibility
  • Design: Creating new accessible templates and products
  • Alternative text: Writing screen reader descriptions for images
  • Video Adaption: Captioning, audio descriptions, transcripts

Our Tech Resources Are Experts in Their Fields

  • For document accessibility, our team members have a good understanding of WCAG 20.0/2.1 guidelines, MS Office Automation — C#, VB>NET, Adobe Automation — PDF and InDesign, JavaScript, and XML.
  • For web accessibility, our experts are well-versed in HTML5, JavaScript, Web Scraping/Crawling, and CSS Scripting.