Audio-Video Localization Services

With over 15 years of experience in media services and working with major production houses, our subtitling team possesses a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of subtitle conforms, validating […]

With over 15 years of experience in media services and working with major production houses, our subtitling team possesses a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of subtitle conforms, validating sync, file reformat, and all other technical evaluations needed to deliver high-quality content outcomes.

Our Primary Subtitling

LearningMate offers translation in 25+ languages. We work with a curated network of professional, in-territory translators and qualified native speakers with extensive subject-matter expertise in a wide range of industries. Our translation services span all content types, from digital to print, including journals, art pieces, websites, graphics, technical manuals, learning materials, books, software, multimedia, healthcare, legal, and financial. With our accurate and culturally appropriate translation services, you can be assured of high-quality standards, cost-effectiveness, and a quick time-to-market solution.

Closed Captioning:
We work with our clients to get more value from their existing videos with high-quality, time-synchronized captions customized to their specific needs. Our video closed-captioning services make videos more accessible, enrich the viewer experience, and attract more audiences from around the world, including those who don’t know the language. As a result, more viewers can enjoy the content–even with the sound turned off.

Metadata Localization:
Metadata is a critical component of any content type (text/image/audio/video). It describes that content so that websites, search engines, and other search applications can easily identify what the content is about. Without metadata, it would be very hard for viewers to discover content, e.g., videos on platforms such as YouTube or Netflix. LearningMate offers the best-in-class metadata services for foreign markets–across digital and text–taking into account local search terms and phrases to drive business value and improve innovation and collaboration.

Scripting/Continuity Lists:
Continuity lists describe each shot of a video and include dialogue for that shot. Combined Continuity and Spotting Lists (CCSL) and Combined Dialogue and Spotting Lists (CDSL) are industry standards for continuity required by broadcast companies and studios. They provide the legal description of the video for copyright purposes and are used as a blueprint for closed captioning and subtitles. In addition, we offer scripting in CCSL, CDSL, as well as other formats and styles.

Audio Services

LearningMate uses the best-in-class audio software and applications to provide industry-compliant audio services. These include converting digital sound to the required file formats, eliminating noise, timing recordings accurately to match on-screen animation, and normalizing volume across file formats. The expertise of our sound engineers and the years of localization know-how ensure outstanding results.

Our host of audio services include:

  1. Audio conforms: Check the sync of one or more language audio streams to be provided to the source video.
  2. Upscale Conversion for Digital Cinema: Upscale the audio conversion process from 2.0 Stereo to 5.1 mix (neural up mix).
  3. Down-conversion for Online Streaming: down-mix the audio conversion process from 5.1/7.1 to 2.0 stereo mix.
  4. Broadcast & Satellite Networks: Dolby E Audio services, Dial Norm/Loudness processes, and R-128 audio processes for broadcasting.
  5. Inflight Entertainment: IFE audio services in 2.0 stereo and single mono formats for IFE requirements.

Video Services

LearningMate provides creative, fast, and accurate video editing services. We deliver multimedia in finished form, all complete with quality, native fluency, and accuracy. Our expert linguists and multimedia teams, along with our seasoned video engineers, can transform your video into engaging multilingual content with a global reach, weeding out any glitches or issues in your videos.

Our services include:

  1. Upscaling Services: Conversion from SD to HD.
  2. Down-Conversion Process: Conversion from HD content to the desired coder and decoder (codec) formats.
  3. File Conversions: Conversion of DPX/DCP files to build a successful VFX workflow.
  4. Testing and Analysis: A video QC testing analysis is done, along with QA reports to prepare for worldwide broadcasting.


With a sound workflow and process in place, our team of experts possesses the efficiency and accuracy to handle the finer nuances of the demand for rendering services for a global audience. Our services are exclusive and cost-effective, helping to bring your models and animations to life. We cover various delivery formats, including EBU STL, DFXP, Final Cut Pro (PNG/XML), Adobe Premier (PNG/EDL), DVD Studio Pro STL, PAC, DVD/BluRay compatible TIFF/PNG exports, and more.