LearningMate offers comprehensive solutions for all your assessment needs. Our assessment experts have significant experience writing assessments, explanations, underlying reasoning, and meticulously crafted hints for all types of questions.

Our teams have developed content spanning all areas, in addition to providing end-to-end services from curriculum design to development, revision, production, and assessments. Additionally, we ensure digital products’ functionality, usability, compatibility, and interoperability to ensure they are market-ready. 


Benefits of Working with LearningMate

LearningMate has a strong background in education with experience in developing solutions across the learning lifecycle. With our deep industry and subject matter expertise, we offer:

  • Higher throughput at scale and with quality controls, transforming into an enriching experience for our clients
  • A faster turnaround and time to market with a dedicated team on hand
  • Reduced overheads and administrative costs by leveraging our team of SMEs for assessments
  • Compatibility with mobile/web platforms and different operating systems
  • Support as per different user roles – author, examiner, etc.
  • Metadata management with tagging of questions and an elaborate search mechanism


A Snapshot of the Scale of Our Work

  • Worked with leading assessment and learning platforms, including Blackboard, Moodle, Angel, Sakai, etc.
  • A team of over 500 FTEs working on interactive object development, audio/video services, course assembly, and functional QA
  • 1,000+ resources involved in building eBooks, courses, and assessments with interactive assets
  • Managing a pool of over 500 freelancers across the U.S. and Europe for varied tasks, including language editing, proofreading, and indexing
  • 30+ years of experience in project management solutions with 1,100+ FTEs worldwide (onshore and offshore)
  • Providing validation and testing services for eLearning and educational courses to various clients for the past 15 years
  • Adapted curricula and assessments in Russian, Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese for specific disciplines


Our Team

To handle our digital services, we have experienced professionals who support leading educational publishers, assessment platforms, and course cartridges such as McGraw Connect, Wiley Plus, Cengage MindTap, Pearson REVEL, HMH ThinkCentral, BrainHoney, Blackboard, Canvas, etc. Our team is well-versed in online digital authoring platforms such as Habitat, Chaucer, etc. We also create enhanced digital books with interactive content, audiobooks, and eLearning courses.

Our digital wing has an established team of specialized operators, qualified SMEs, and dedicated project managers to support the execution and delivery of online content. LearningMate has been chosen as a preferred vendor by top publishers worldwide because of its standardized production and quality processes and the capability to deliver projects within strict deadlines.

The team has experience across various online assessment/LMS platforms and is well-versed in content production. The content development team has worked on Quant and Non-Quant disciplines like Finance and Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Math, Humanities, Social Science and Language, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc. We have the capability to deliver over 100,000 end-of-chapter questions annually.