Flexible, bespoke training solutions for every type of organization.

For Colleges

Augment and scale your workforce offerings with premium, flexible courses designed to support adult, continuing education, and workforce programs. We help colleges infuse career-focused industry certifications and exam preparation into their credit programs.

Discover our career pathways tailored for community colleges that showcase micro-credentials that culminate to industry certification and lead to gainful local employment.

Create public-facing catalogs for micro-credentials with your college logo that prospective students or corporations can showcase on social media.

Take advantage of bundled certification exam vouchers at academic pricing levels without the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and seats.

Leverage our reporting and analysis tools to forecast available talent for targeted occupations.

For Workforce Development Programs

Streamline your efficiency and impact in placing program participants, directing them towards suitable training, and connecting them with local demand occupation employment opportunities.

    Career fit assessment provides invaluable personalized feedback and recommendations supporting the career counseling process.

    Assessment results, reporting, and analysis enable programs to predict available talent for targeted occupations.

    Assessment results crosswalk to on-demand sector-based courses prepare participants with in-house and validated job readiness skills.

    For Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    Empower high school students to acquire sought-after skills and credentials, which they can showcase to prospective employers and higher education institutions.

    Deliver career pathways, relevant to local employers and aligned with state initiatives for industry certification.

    Help students stay on track with JobReady CORE Coaching.

    Helps a student see what careers match their interests and core skills.

    Evidence-demonstrated competency-based skills automatically generate labor market statistics and link to recommended career opportunities.

    Career On-Ramps culminate in recognized micro-credentials and industry certifications that transfer to higher education and the workplace.

    For Member Organizations and Community-Based Organizations

    JobReady, powered by LearningMate, can be tailored as a skills enhancement solution for your community or member association.

    Turnkey, automatic solutions for new funding sources as they relate to workforce development.

    Pick the catalog you want, and we will do the rest.

    Deep-linking to courses from your sites, products and portals.

    Co-branding using your logo and colors.

    Seamless integration with your e-commerce process.

    Monthly or annual subscriptions, including free trial periods.

    For Employers

    Leverage JobReady to source and screen talent for job roles based on tangible evidence of suitability and resilience.

    Pinpoint in-demand skills and job roles, which JobReady aligns with essential skills and training.

    Identify internal and external talent with potential for specific occupations and roles.

    Identify your next-level supervisors and managers through competency-based assessments that predict interest and aptitude.

    Find candidates that demonstrate initiative through their skill development.

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