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For those with a clear vision of their destination and simply seeking guidance to reach it, choose from a catalog of highly sought-after job skills pathways. With JobReady, each journey commences with a credential, providing a transparent view from the onset of the skills you’ll acquire, the effort required, and the prospective job opportunities that await upon completion.

View labor market statistics for job availability in your field of study.

Discover available jobs, salaries and employers in your region.

Our technology tool is designed to empower adults with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in high-paying, in-demand careers. Whether they’re new to the workforce or looking to upskill, The JobReady CareerFit assessment will expertly guide participants toward their next career move.

Pathways Designed and Endorsed by Top Global Employers.

JobReady pathways are constructed around video-centric online courses sourced from leading corporate learning providers like Skillsoft, Harvard Business Publishing, and 180 Skills. Every course and pathway is meticulously crafted and curated by subject matter experts, aiming to train the workforce for the jobs that the industry requires.


World’s leading corporate learning collections including Technology and Developer Series, Business and Leadership Series, and other Professional Certifications.

180 Skills

Leading online training for skilled trade professions.


Learn more on their website.


English as a Second Language geared to support career development in the United States

Workforce Ready Koncepts

Providing hardware and internet connectivity to support online learning and prepare students for remote work.

Code Fellows

Comprehensive supported IT career development and industry certification preparation

Finding Your Path

The JobReady CareerFit Assessment, empowered by MyInnerGenius, merges your interests with evaluating your foundational skills, all aligned to high-demand occupations. The outcome is a custom analysis of your key strengths and areas for development, correlated with job roles where you’ve shown promising potential.

Develop a competency profile based on core skills and interests, and map your interest and aptitude to in-demand occupations.

Quickly gain the micro-credentials that you need for your resume and match the employer’s job descriptions.

Gain the skills and knowledge valued by employers and fill gaps in your resume.

We recommend jobs and pathways that fit your profile and connect you to the next steps preparing you quickly for your next job.

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