Yellowdig Announces Partnership with LearningMate

August 17, 2023

Philadelphia, PA — Yellowdig, the education learning community company, announced today a strategic product and services partnership with LearningMate, a leading education technology company.

By partnering, both companies will leverage their existing technologies, expertise and services to build more authentic human-to-human connections in online education at all levels.

According to Dr. Maithreyi Gopalan of MIT,  “Evidence has shown that in certain contexts, a student’s sense of belonging improves academic outcomes, increases continuing enrollment, and is protective for mental health.”

The emergence of AI and generative content engines like ChatGPT also means that the education industry must rethink how learning is delivered and assessed.

Together, LearningMate and Yellowdig aim to help institutions navigate critical belonging and AI challenges by reimagining learning content and experiences to focus more on student reflection and peer-to-peer interaction to build a sense of belonging into every course and program.

“Yellowdig connects the learning experience from admission to alumni. Yellowdig communities are where students can form bonds with their peers before they step foot on campus, then dive deeper into course material together, and then grow together beyond graduation with alumni support communities.” Shares Shaunak Roy, Yellowdig Founder & CEO, “This partnership enables institutions to create an even more connected learning experience, which we call Education 3.0,  by forming a cohesive digital environment that goes beyond community development and expands into content management and assessment.”

LearningMate and Yellowdig clients will have access to existing solutions and offerings that both companies provide today, with the support of both organizations to ensure success. This partnership enables a more impactful way to increase learner engagement, drive deeper learning, decrease instructor time spent on routine tasks, and increase student persistence.

Nachiket Paratkar, SVP and Business Unit Head of Higher Education at LearningMate shares, “LearningMate is at the forefront of designing online programs and courses to help universities evolve their online learning offerings. At the core of these online programs is student engagement and persistence. We are excited to collaborate with and incorporate YellowDig into our Instructional Design methodology to enhance student experience, assessment, and learning outcomes. This partnership will help us drive improvements in faculty and student interactions and engagement, resulting in valuable data and insights we will leverage through AI for future learning recommendations and support.”

About Yellowdig. Yellowdig drives meaningful connections throughout the student experience, from admission to alumni, with a community-building platform driven by Yellowdig’s paradigm-shifting pedagogy. The platform leverages gameful learning principles that help encourage meaningful student participation. This active engagement leads to deep learning as learners form real connections with their peers and instructors while they dig into course-related conversations, support each other through challenging material, and explore ideas that make the course relevant to their lives. This critical sense of belonging and camaraderie that is formed in course communities also carries into communities outside of courses, thus helping to drive retention and student success. Learn more at

About LearningMate Solutions, Inc. LearningMate focuses on the needs of next-generation learners. The company builds on a strong foundation of learning design with progressive technology, digital media, and engineering solutions to connect today’s learners, educators, administrators, policymakers, and content creators with the information, tools, and solutions they need to be successful. With six consulting offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India, LearningMate serves a global clientele of education publishers, traditional and non-traditional EdTech companies, K-20 schools, universities and career colleges, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning departments, and education consortia. Learn more at


For more information about this release or to schedule an interview, please contact Taya Bures at 605-838-8108 or by email at moc.etamgninrael@serub.ayat.

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