October 2016

Market Notes

Competency-based education (CBE) awards academic credit based on student mastery of clearly defined competencies. In contrast, traditional education and teaching methodologies structure around seat time and credit hour. With CBE, learners take as much or as little time as they need to understand the material. Competency-based programs recognize prior learning and learning outside the scope of a course, regardless of where, when, or how that learning took place. CBE shifts the definition of success from grades to mastery, emphasizing frequent, meaningful feedback that empowers students to take increased responsibility for their learning path.

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The Top 10 Success Criteria for CBE

By Dr. Kurt R. Linberg, PhD

As a consultant, I have the opportunity to influence the strategic initiatives for universities and colleges considering CBE for their courses and degree programs. It is imperative for university leaders to have an understanding of the challenges and opportunities with CBE so they set realistic expectations in their strategic plans. Based on research, and my own experiences with successful CBE programs at Western Governors University and Capella University, I have developed the following top 10 success criteria for CBE.


New Hampshire Virtual School Sets Up Learning Pathways

An online charter school in New Hampshire is quintupling down on flexibility in how its students structure their learning.


Tennessee's Online University Targets Working Adults

At three years old, the state's online university has found success by focusing its recruiting efforts on a narrow swath of Tennesseans.


Taking Competency-based Credentials Seriously In The Workforce

It sounds cutting-edge, but the concept of a competency-based education that results in an institution-agnostic microcredential isn't new.


University Focused On Strengthening CBE

There is little doubt about higher education’s increased interest in competency-based education (CBE): 97% of schools recently surveyed by Eduventures…