July 2016

Market Notes

Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone; that’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time. Almost 2,000 high schools across the U.S. graduate less than 60% of their students. 400,000 students drop out of college every year in the U.S. More than 75% of students required to take remedial classes never graduate. 30% of college and university students drop out after their first year. Statistics suggest that 70% of Americans will study at a 4-year college but less than two-thirds will graduate.

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Colleges are Using Big Data to Identify When Students are Likely to Flame Out

Virginia Commonwealth University, like lots of U.S. colleges, has worked to keep its freshmen around for sophomore year. Research has shown that…


Powering Student Learning with Data Analytics in K-12

The smart use of big data and learning analytics contributes to better pedagogies, empowered students and improved outcomes.


Learning Analytics in Higher Education: A Review of UK and International Practice

Every time a student interacts with their university – be that going to the library, logging into their virtual learning environment or submitting assessments online – they leave behind a digital footprint...