LearningMate helps universities optimise digital learning in the new era of online teaching and learning

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We’re now well into the first academic term of the year, and university students have become used to experiencing a blend of face-to-face and online teaching, learning, and assessment. Students have high expectations of online delivery, both in terms of effective technology and accessibility. They want to learn anytime, anyplace.

After the quick, and if we’re honest, unplanned fix of having to rush teaching modules and lectures online, group tutorials on video chat, and finding ways of making resources available on Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), universities are now looking to invest in a more sustainable solution. One that doesn’t rely on teaching staff, the academic support team, or the IT team to take time out of their already stretched schedules to create and maintain online learning platforms and content.  

Here at LearningMate, we have that solution. We see this as an exciting opportunity to work with leading UK universities to create the infrastructure needed to deliver forward-thinking interactive, flexible, and personalised learning to the widest range of students both on and off-campus.

We’re not about throwing the old out with the new. Many traditional teaching and learning techniques still have a place in the new era of Higher Education (HE). We’re here to help institutions optimise their online offering and blend that with their on-campus, in-classroom approach to provide the best learning experiences for teachers and learners.

Two decades of global online teaching and learning experience

With LearningMate’s 20 years’ experience in the online teaching and learning practice, we’ve been working with universities, colleges, schools, and corporations across the globe to transform their teaching and learning for the 21st century.

We’re already working with Durham University to support them in delivering their digital strategy and with several student-facing digital services to augment their traditional on-campus offer.

We’re also key partners of Macmillan Press and Oxford University Press both in the UK and worldwide, helping them digitise their content to reach hundreds of thousands of learners globally.

We’re excited to talk to some other leading HE providers to enhance their current educational offering with our technologies to provide students with more relevant, sought-after digital experiences.

We’re global leaders in online teaching and learning

  • Over five million students worldwide currently access our products. 
  • We’ve created over 45,000 courses. 
  • We’ve worked with hundreds of education providers around the world.

Our company was created 20 years ago from a passion and thirst to build technology that will continually improve the way we teach and learn. We know this business. And we’re proud to employ over 1,200 associates around the globe to help lead the world into a future where education is accessible, affordable, and effective. Our offices are in London, Vancouver, Phoenix, New Jersey, Mumbai, and Kolkata, and we continue to expand.

At the heart of it, 20 years later, we are still passionate about education. We’re proud of our roots. And this passion drives us to augment and enhance the traditional university campus experience with new and innovative online learning and teaching approaches and play an integral part in the future of education.

One of the educational institutions we’ve worked with in the USA is Broward College in South Florida, with over 63,000 students. We worked with them to develop 300 online courses in just seven months, to quickly scale to serve the needs of their students, drive student-centred outcomes, and maximize student engagement, all while achieving their goal to advance student success.

At the start of the project Frank Tomsic, Dean Online Campus/E-Learning, Broward College, said: “As we continue to implement exciting new technologies, teaching methods, and pedagogical strategies to meet the evolving needs of our diverse student population, LearningMate’s experienced team, tools, and processes will help us develop engaging, meaningful, and measurable learning experiences for our students.” 

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Preparing for the new era of Higher Education

We’re excited about the future of our sector, and earlier this year, we produced a report in partnership with Jisc and Emerge Education to further explore what the new era of HE might look like. 

The report, Learning and teaching reimagined: a new dawn for higher education report, was based on interviews with more than 50 university leaders, EdTech founders, and higher education experts and found that universities can deliver students a truly personalised learning experience by 2030 and demonstrated that the majority of UK student and lecturers prefer a multimodal approach. 

The report confirms what many institutions have realised over the last few months –  that student demands and expectations for digital learning will continue to increase even after Covid-19. Organisations are already competing with global technologies used by the digitally-savvy students we mentioned above, in their homes. 

Our Senior Vice President, Prasad Mohare, explains: “The pandemic has accelerated the digital shift in education. Colleges and universities around the world are building hybrid, high-flex and digital programs at a scale and pace that has never been seen before. This report offers a pulse on the change happening around us and offers timely guidance to campuses and organisations who are making this shift.”

How can we help you?

What can we do that you can’t do for yourselves? We use our expertise, experience, and unique software to design, develop, and digitally transform your courses and create online examinations and assessments too. It’s not always about starting from scratch. We can work with you to re-configure and reuse content across multiple delivery platforms, centrally manage learning data, and align curriculum to your ever-changing workforce needs. 

Some of the things we can help with: 

  • Curriculum design and course development
  • Content development
  • Rapid transformation
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Digital learning and infrastructure
  • Digital content and curriculum
  • Data analytics
  • Learning process optimisation

Our clients tell us that the current suite of tools that most universities use today is simply not up to the task. We know that your designers spend countless person-hours on tedious tasks like fixing broken links, porting content from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another, and fixing errors in multiple learning objects spread across multiple delivery platforms. 

We understand how frustrating this is for you and your need to deliver robust and effective learning for the 2020s and beyond. We’d love to help you on your journey. 

For an informal chat about how we might be able to provide a solution or support you in your journey to future-proofing your teaching and learning approach, contact us at prasad.mohare@learningmate.com.

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