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LearningMate is committed to helping schools, teachers, administrators, parents, and students through the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that many schools aren’t currently equipped to offer online learning, but students need to stay engaged over the short term, regardless. To help, we’ve compiled some links to online learning resources that you can use to keep your students learning during the next few weeks or months.  There are thousands of itemized learning resources and websites at the links below. We have not yet been able to test each link, but our intention is to get this information to you now, so you can use it for the remainder of the school year.

This is a spreadsheet of over 700 resources mostly K-12. It’s being updated regularly.

Another large document, but resources are grouped by subject areas in tabs.

Informational Facebook Group where people are exchanging ideas and resources

A collection of sites that features free books, web resources, ebooks and textbooks, video lessons, tutorials, and much more.

A public digital library of open educational resources for all ages of learners. For K-12, there are lots of lessons aligned to various standards.

Geared mostly towards k-12; also features some articles and links to activities for parents.

Great resource for emergency transition to online learning, plan for set up based on one question, “If a teacher had just one hour to prepare to teach remotely, what are the most essential things she would need to know and do?”

An article that discusses teaching and learning online, with many links to various resources, ideas, and planning tools.

A list of resources provided by CCSSO to support states, districts, and schools.

TNTP’s list of homeschool strategies and resources.

Distance learning and online classes for children and teens with special needs.

Homeschool curriculum for special needs students.

Curated free tools, strategies, tips, and best practices for teaching online.

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