Creating Learner Centric Experiences – The Tools You Need

Today’s generation lives in a connected world where experiences define preferences, opinions, and popular narratives. Education is no different. Learners look at it as a “life experience”. Education institutes need to make it a “life-changing experience”. For this to happen, as much attention needs to be given to the learning experience as is given to the learning content and learning environment.

Great learning experiences are built on three core concepts.

Personalised Learning – Learners want their individual learning needs met. The matter is more pressing now than ever before, as each individual is accustomed to hyper-personalised experience and feeds from services like YouTube and Netflix.

Engagement over Information – Any information is just a “Hey-Google.” away. In other words, the learning experience cannot just be about knowledge transfer. It needs to be engaging, contextualized, or hands-on to go beyond being purely informative.

Multi-Platform Reach – Learners today have access to a service on multiple devices, be it a phone or a PC. Learning content and platforms need to compete with this flexibility to create engagement on par with these services.

This requires an investment in a robust IT infrastructure with specific capabilities.

Sophisticated Content Management Systems – Having varied content and content formats is a way of creating learning that transcends being purely informative. A robust content management system can store, distribute and update content regardless of format – audio, visual, interactive – with a click of a button.

Ubiquitous – To create a ubiquitous learning experience the platform needs to adapt to different devices, form factors, and interact with existing operating systems.

Rich Data Feedback – Accurate feedback on how learners interact with content is critical for analysing the engagement of the course or lesson. Instructors need the ability to tweak or pivot their courses and lessons based on heat-maps, time to complete, and behavioural patterns.

Creating rich learner-centric experiences is key to engaging a modern learner. For the last 20 years, LearningMate has helped schools, universities and corporations succeed with the learning-systems, tools, and supports demanded by these new expectations.

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