Training Industry names LearningMate Solutions to 2016 Content Development Watch List


Training Industry selected LearningMate Solutions Inc. for inclusion in its 2016 Content Development Companies Watch List.

“We are honored to be recognized as an emerging player in the training industry for our content development solutions.” Says Abhijit Navale, Director, Corporate Learning. “We pride ourselves in delivering quality learning experiences that consistently meet the diverse organizational needs and learning styles of digital learners.”

LearningMate was selected based on its ability to develop and deliver multiple types of content, the depth and breadth of its subject matter experts as well as its visibility, innovation and impact in the learning industry. Training Industry also based their selection on the company’s size and growth potential, geographical reach and quality of its clients.

“With millennials making up over half of today’s workforce, we are seeing an increased need for organizations to develop or overhaul digital learning content to better engage learners and improve retention.” Says Prasad Mohare, Vice President, Content Solutions. “Our learning strategy seamlessly incorporates modern instructional approaches with flexible delivery options resulting in immersive learning experiences that impact both employees and the bottom line.”

LearningMate partners with organizations to develop custom learning content aligned to performance initiatives.  The company’s instructional and user experience designers collaborate to create core learning content along with supporting elements including relatable scenarios, videos, interactive simulations, games, widgets and collaboration features to engage and motivate learners as they progress through training.

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