November 2022 Product Update

Frost Admin


Redesigned User Search

User search is now possible with a minimum of 3 characters in the user information field. The updated version now allows users to search by name, email, and role. 


Configure Multiple Redirect URLs for LTI 1.3

The system can now  configure numerous redirect URLs for LTI 1.3.  With this change, users can accommodate a small number of external eools that are dependent on the specific configuration.


Ability to Bypass the Login Page Using External Identity Server

Users of  Identity Server 4 authenticated tenants will have the option to exclude the Frost Login URL and automatically reroute to any other external URL that was previously established for direct authentication. Once auser is logged out of the Frost application, they will now be directed to the same specified URL. The option to disable this feature and customize the external URL is managed by both the Super Admin and the Tenant Admin. 

Choose LTI Export Type for Canvas Configuration

A new drop-down to choose LTI export is now available for Canvas  in the Tenant Configuration page. This enables the administrator to select the default option of whether Canvas LTI export is 1.1 or 1.3, or to let the user make that decision at the time of export.


Frost Designer


Ability to Manually Add LTI 1.3 Tool

Users now have the choice to manually add both LTI 1.1 and 1.3 external tools by providing the appropriate URLs. 


Support of Point Rubrics in D2L Export

D2L Export now supports point rubrics. Once a user creates the point rubrics, exports them from D2L, and then imports them back into D2L; the rubric will appear in D2L. This included D2L Course Outline and D2L management.


Easy Tracking of Project Details for Each User Groups

This new improvement enables users to access each User Group’s related Project data straight from the User Groups list. The list now includes a new column that displays the number of projects that each user group is responsible for. A modal will pop up on clicking the count to display the name, type, and role of each project to which that user group has been assigned (not editable).


Title Preview in Author Mode Placeholder Block

For easier identification and usage, the title of the selected resource will be displayed in the placeholder block in Author mode when authoring videos, Vimeo videos, Kaltura videos, YouTube videos, gadgets, audio, and audio with control.

Metadata Alignment on Course Outline

The Metadata icon is now available for quick access on the Course Outline. This enables the user to  rapidly view/add/update metadata associations to a node.


Frost LOR (Learning Object Repository)

Ability to Add LTI 1.3 Tool Manually

Users can now manually insert both LTI 1.1 and 1.3 External tools by adding the corresponding URLs.


Optimized Content Preview Using CDN Caching

Any user will be able to see an instant preview of the changed content in LOR or reuse it in Designer from LOR. Similarly, an instant preview of the objects edited and published/republished from Designer to LOR are now provided. Non-student users (Admin, Teacher, and Instructor roles) in the LMS will be able to access the most recent updates promptly. Students will be able to preview the most recent updates after 15 minutes of caching.


Ability to Author Content Screen

Users will be able to author pages directly from the LOR. They will see the same editor as in Designer and can incorporate text with formatting, media, patterns, and content fragments, as well as other existing widgets.  For the convenience of users, the option to preview  the content being created has been enabled. Content Screens will be saved with the .HTML extension and can be specifically filtered out with the Filter Content Screen under content type. Authors will be able to reuse the content screens developed directly in LOR when creating courses in Designer, and a usage history will be kept.


New Metadata Filtration 

The entire metadata selection control has now been shifted to a new visual tabular component with the same capability to add/update/delete Key-Value Pair, Taxonomy, and Tags individually.

Visual Improvements in Thumbnails

Default object thumbnails have been modified to be more meaningful and easily identifiable based on their resource types, such as External Tool/Link, Vimeo video, Kaltura video, YouTube video, and Referenced Object. Once an object is created, updated thumbnails will be displayed in the preview panel and listing page. 


Frost Align

CSV Import/Update

Users can now import and update taxonomies consisting of up to 30K rows in the CSV (inclusive of the Nodes and Associations).

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