May 2022 Product Update



  • Ability to Deactivate Users Across Tenants

The super admin can now deactivate users across tenants in bulk. The Users tab has a new value in the dropdown: All Tenants Users. This lists the users available across all tenants in the instance and the number of associated tenants. Users can be deactivated/reactivated one at a time by using the slider for active/inactive. Only active users can be selected while deactivating in bulk. 

  • Sync User Status across Products

Before this update, when a tenant was deactivated/reactivated along with its users, there was no syncing between the admin platform and the other products. For instance, if the status showed inactive, it would still appear as active in the other products.. This improvement ensures that when the status of a tenant changes, all user status’ are in sync across all products.

  • Encryption of LTI Key and Secret Key

Under the Tool Provider section of the admin platform, the LTI key and secret key is now available in the encrypted format to prevent data breaches.

Frost Designer


  • Publish Feature Enhancements

On publishing a course to the LOR, the  enhanced publishing feature  automatically retries publishing the nodes twice, in case of publishing  failure. Additionally, if the publish fails for some nodes, the course gets published in the LOR, excluding the corrupted nodes.


  • Support for Questions in Import from Canvas

Multiple Dropdown Questions from Canvas can now be imported in Frost as FIB dropdown questions.


  • Project Lock Improvements

Earlier, if a project was locked and a non-admin or non-project owner tried accessing it, the TOC was displayed, and the user was redirected out of the project with a message indicating the project’s lock status. With this improvement, if a project is locked, the project name and card appears non-clickable to non-admin users.


  • Auto Generated Object Thumbnail

Frost now auto-generates thumbnails of the objects uploaded by the users. This feature generates thumbnails for assets, including Images, Videos, Vimeo videos, Kaltura videos, PDFs, and External links.



Frost LOR (Learning Object Repository)


  • Upload Component in Metadata Management

The new upload component for object upload is now available for metadata upload. While importing a taxonomy and KVP, users can select multiple files for import, which get added to the upload queue. Users can also view the file’s status and size in the new upload component.



Frost Explore


  • Thumbnail Support for Videos

Support is added for Vimeo Videos and Youtube Videos thumbnails, which improve the users viewing experience for the programs and courses on Frost platforms.


  • Web Link Preview 

Users can preview the web link before publishing the content into the Explore repository, if the web link is accessible via iFrame. If the web link is not accessible via iFrame, users can preview the student view of the web link.


  • Enhancement on Student Preview Page

We’ve made the Student Preview Page available for the teachers to view the available resources and websites. Websites accessible via Iframe are available for preview. Whereas for websites inaccessible via iFrame, an alternative for the preview will be provided in the upcoming releases. Resources such as PDF, Video, and Course content are previewable and remain unchanged as it was previously.


  • UI Enhancements for Upload

The upload form is incorporated with the new UI to indicate optional and mandatory fields. This will provide a smoother experience for educators while uploading resources, external links, and URLs. Users can now align the metadata such as name, description, subject, grade, tags, and standards and preview it before publishing it to the Explore repository. These objects uploaded from the device can be edited only by the owner, thereby maintaining the consistency of the product and content.


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