LearningMate Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver AI-based Learning Models & Predictive Analytics to Education Institutions & Corporate Training Organizations Worldwide

Princeton, NJ —LearningMate, a leading education technology company, announced today a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate the adoption of AI-based learning models and predictive analytics solutions for student success throughout educational institutions and corporate training organizations worldwide. 

LearningMate works with educational institutions to consolidate and optimize data warehousing and analytics frameworks, delivering impactful interventions to improve student engagement and success. It also provides full-service integrations with existing platforms, content curation, creation, and redesign, along with a custom development offering built natively on Google Cloud, leveraging core infrastructure and technologies from both companies. The focus of this partnership is delivering next-generation teaching and learning experiences that are fluid, personalized, and accessible from any device, anywhere.

“The focus of AI in learning, thus far, has been on automating assessment and grading systems and, in some cases suggesting specific learning interventions for individual learners,” says Nachiket Paratkar, SVP & Business Unit Head of Higher Education at LearningMate. “With this partnership, LearningMate is leveraging the power of Google Cloud AI technologies and Google Cloud’s innovation along with LearningMate’s advanced Frost, a Learning Object Repository and Learning Outcomes management platform. This combination creates both an unprecedented view of student success and a content recommendation engine that establishes a new benchmark for effective learner guidance.”

Frost is one of the only education-focused structured content management solutions available at scale today. Together with Google Cloud, Frost offers an opportunity to combine modern research into how humans learn with 20 years of understanding how digital experiences flow through the minds and hearts of learners at all stages of their lives.

“AI and data analytics can directly and immediately help educational institutions and training organizations bring enhanced learning opportunities to students,” said Steven Butschi, Head of Education, Google Cloud. “Together with LearningMate, we are excited to support educators with the technologies and solutions they need to bring new opportunities to millions of learners around the globe.

LearningMate invites leaders of educational institutions, universities, school districts, and corporate learning organizations to reach out and start a conversation about how we can meet the workforce development challenges of our time and move the needle together.

About LearningMate Solutions, Inc. LearningMate focuses on the needs of next-generation learners. The company builds on a strong foundation of learning design with progressive technology, digital media, and engineering solutions to connect today’s learners, educators, administrators, policymakers, and content creators with the information, tools, and solutions they need to be successful. With six consulting offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India, LearningMate serves a global clientele of education publishers, traditional and non-traditional EdTech companies, K-20 schools, universities and career colleges, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning departments, and education consortia. Learn more at www.learningmate.com.


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