LearningMate Launches GoClass at CES 2012.

A Revolutionary Teaching and Learning Platform for the Apple iPad and Mobile Devices

GoClass is a revolutionary classroom teaching application designed for connected tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and light weight mobile computing platforms.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB)

LearningMate Solutions, Inc., announced GoClass a cloud based teaching and learning platform designed for mobile devices.

GoClass is a revolutionary new teaching application for educators in todays connected world. The application is designed for connected tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and light weight mobile computing platforms. An easy to use interface lets teachers focus on the teaching process while engaging students in interactive and measurable learning experiences.

GoClass facilitates active learning sessions in the classroom. Students interact directly with teacher curated content and benefit from a one-on-one learning experience. Teachers receive instantaneous attendance and class participation data, real-time comprehension results with detailed analytics, and out of classroom usage information.

GoClass is designed for content portability from the ground up and leverages the 1EdTech™ Consortium Consortium’s Common Cartridge specification to ensure that courses developed on the platform can be transported and managed in third party environments.

According to Samudra Sen, LearningMate’s CEO, Goclass is the first of a new wave of standards based applications that will make connected devices an integral part of the teaching and learning workflow. LearningMate’s Chief Technology Officer, Ganesh Kumar highlights the transformative impact of cloud based applications and portable connected devices when he says “Goclass allows learners to create meaningful new personal content and use social dialogues to contextualize learning materials in their classroom experience.

You can register for a Goclass account here and download the GoClass application for your iPad from the Apple App Store.

GoClass is featured at CES 2012 in a joint demonstration with Alcatel-Lucent under the auspices of the ng Connect program. Visitors to CES 2012 can view the demonstration at the Alcatel-Lucent booth #31412, South Upper Hall.

About LearningMate Solutions, Inc.
LearningMate develops engaging, instructionally sound, interactive learning experiences on a variety of technology platforms and devices. The company offers GoClass a cloud based teaching platform for mobile devices and has a significant presence in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India. LearningMate serves a global clientele comprised of education publishers, online schools, universities, government agencies, non-profits and education consortia. For more information please visit LearningMate Solutions, Inc.

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