Commonwealth Charter Academy Partners with LearningMate to Develop a Digital Infrastructure for Adaptive, Personalized Learning

New York, NY — LearningMate, a leading education technology company, today announced that Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a Pennsylvania public cyber charter school serving more than 10,000 K through 12 students, has partnered with LearningMate to develop and manage its content to deliver personalized and engaging learning experiences through virtual lessons and courses blended with self-paced and real-time instruction.

By partnering with LearningMate to build a digital infrastructure, CCA successfully developed a standards-aligned K to 12 curriculum that helps learners master skills and concepts while at the same time offering a rich and engaging learning experience that emphasizes communication and collaboration. LearningMate recently collaborated on a video with CCA to document the incredible work they are doing.

“One of the biggest motivating factors for us to change our content and curriculum was that nothing fit,” said Dr. Maurice Flurie, president and CEO of CCA.

“LearningMate has taken what we had as a 100,000-foot vision and they helped make it practical, while putting processes in place to start to move in that direction.”

“LearningMate is helping us grow our own content. It’s one thing to have a course, lots of people have courses, but we want to have an experience and we know that LearningMate is the partner to help us create that experience,” said Tom Longenecker, president- and CEO-elect of CCA. “Our role is to unleash kids and unleash their imagination through an experience. The collaboration between CCA, a school that’s not afraid to try new things, and LearningMate, a company that has the ability, that’s how you’ll transform education.”

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the forward-looking team at CCA. Their vision coupled with LearningMate’s technical and learning design expertise and scale of execution came together perfectly to enable a success story that we are all very proud to be associated with,” said Samudra Sen, CEO at LearningMate.

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