Data Analytics & BI Solutions

LearningMate’s Data Solutions for Education enables you to easily combine, clean, and standardize multiple formats of learning data, making data from any source easily consumable by top data visualization tools.

Teachers and administrators need the right information at the right time to make critical decisions. By leveraging Ed-Fi® and IMS Global Learning Consortium’s® data interoperability standards, LearningMate’s Data Solutions reduces the time educators spend collating, organizing, and reporting while delivering meaningful information that positively impacts students, teachers, and education agency success.


  • Learning Content Management – LTI, QTI, IMS CC, LMS Course Packs & eBooks
  • API & LTI-based Systems Integration
  • ODS & Caliper LRS
  • Data Security, GDPR & FERPA
  • Ed-Fi, CEDS-based Longitudinal Data Systems & Dashboards
  • IMS CASE Exchange for Standards Exchange