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What is JobReady

What is JobReady?

JobReady provides job-aligned course collections from thousands of courses, enabling job seekers to follow pathways that lead to jobs and promotions. Our pathways include: cybersecurity, data science, project management, IT and networking, software development, manufacturing, business skills, leadership and certifications.

How Does it Work?

JobReady connects a series of best-in-class education platforms to provide learners, colleges, and workforce boards a streamlined and efficient experience. Our partners include Skillsoft, 180 Skills, Credly, and MyInnerGenius. By providing digital connections between these platforms, admins save time and job seekers find the right fit. It starts with an assessment and ends with a paycheck.

Ready for Colleges

Ready for Colleges

JobReady is a turnkey Skills-as-a-Service program that enables colleges to expand their offerings of high-quality on-demand courses to support adult, continuing education, and workforce learners. Colleges can now add white-labeled career credentials to existing credit-bearing courses.

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