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The collaboration and review process is an important aspect of authoring content. Collaboration can drastically improve the quality of a project, as well as save you time. With FROST, collaborating using built-in commenting and versioning features is made easy using a cloud-based, virtual workspace.

Adding Contributors & Assigning Roles

To begin the collaboration process, simply add contributors and clearly define individual roles and permissions within a project. Are you collaborating on multiple projects at once? No problem. FROST makes assigning user roles and managing permissions effortless. As the administrator, you’re able to assign permissions to each role at the time they are added to a specific project, allowing contributors to perform different roles on separate projects.

Adding Comments & Flagging Issues

Commenting in a FROST project is painless, too. Comments can be added within the content screens themselves, marking specific issues in the content block, or at a higher project level. For example, a contributor could make a specific comment for the graphics team to replace an image. Or, a contributor could comment at the overall project level, notifying an author of suggested changes to a larger learning objective.

To help move the project forward and give authors insight into areas that need attention, comments can be marked and prioritized. In FROST, comments can be:

  • Given a status, such as “Open”
  • Assigned to a specific user
  • Prioritized by severity, such as “High”

We know visuals help with learning, but they also help with collaborating. Within the commenting feature, you’re also given the option to attach files to visually show the issue your comment is referencing.

Stay on Track with Real-time Notifications

Keeping track of issues and comments doesn’t need to be a project in itself. With FROST, you can receive real-time updates on comments within your project. When an issue is flagged or a comment is made, the assigned user will automatically receive a notification email.

As the administrator, you have the option to quickly review project comments in the authoring environment’s Comments panel, or you can see the entire issue count and identify areas that need your attention through the Project Dashboard. No matter what method of comment review is right for you, FROST gives you the ability to facilitate multiple rounds of discussion, while making sure you stay informed on all of the collaboration efforts.